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Vol 21  Issue 1,076   September 7, 2017

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On Wednesday September 6, 2017 the long planned move of Ardmore’s locomotive Mercy Train’s move began. Robert Hensley took some great pictures from the loading of the locomotive and coal car (oil car) on trailers, one trailer had 60 wheels.













Of all the photos sent in, this one is the one that catche’s the eye. Look closely at the side of the (tender car) coal-car, tell me if you see anything unusual?


So you didn’t see it? Here’s a close up.


There are so many photo I couldn’t get them them all in this newsletter. But I created a Folder on my website just for the Mercy Train photos. I will be adding more photos for next week’s newsletter.


A number of years ago I was driving west of Plainview School on Myall Road and a lady had her artist palette out and painting a picture of this decades old shed. The old shed/house is located at 5790 Myall Road on the north side of Myall. Such a beautiful piece of history and its still standing today.


I wish every little town in Oklahoma had a public dumpster like Lone Grove has for its residence to take junk for disposal (not garbage, etc.). All you have to show is your Lone Grove water bill as proof of residence. I believe if more dropoffs like the one in Lone Grove was available to people, less dumping would take place on the county roads. And Lone Grove’s dropoff is free!


1978 – Bonanza Steak House 1215 North Commerce (where Long John Silvers is today)

One of the bricks I sandblasted the other day.


You can find current gas prices for a particular Oklahoma town by entering the name or zip code in the GasBuddy search box.

Q. Where in Oklahoma is the Sod House Museum?
A.  Aline, Oklahoma (northwest of Enid)

Q. Where in Oklahoma is the “1893 Hoosegow” jail? There were six drunks in the cell when I was in the hoosegow last weekend. He almost went to the hoosegow when the police confused him with someone.
A. Answer in next week’s newsletter

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of September 8, 2005

This week I received an email and picture of J.C. Preddy Saddlery here in Ardmore. The original email to me asking about J.C. Priddy spelled it Preddy. I thought it was a typo. But Nell Lewis said that is the way Preddy was spelled on the serving trays she was in possession of from her mother’s things. Next I received an email from Steven Harris here in Ardmore and he included the two 1905 pictures below with his email, and in those clippings it is spelled Preddy.

I remember a J.C. Priddy in the 1960s who lived right next to, on the north side, of the old creosote 5th Ave NE viaduct when I was a wee kid. He owned Priddy’s Chicken Salad, and he processed 1,000s of live chickens right there behind his house at the east end of the Viaduct in the making of his famous chicken salad. He and his workers bought the chickens live, wringed their necks, plunged each one into boiling water, and then plucked the feathers. Mr. Priddy started business at the east end of the viaduct as a cannery. Now the question is: Is J.C. Preddy who owned the saddlery store and who’s name is on the serving trays, the same J.C. Priddy whose family members owned Priddy’s Chicken Salad. Shelby and Maude Priddy were the parents of Fred, J.C., Woody, Louis, and Blanche. Ron Priddy was one of Shelby and Maude’s grandchildren. Maybe a reader can clear up these two names, Preddy and Priddy??? My guess is they are two different people???

Here is the email I received from Steven Harris: “Butch, here are a couple of J. C. Preddy items. The newspaper ad is out of a 1905 Ardmoreite and the other is a pic of the store front. This building today is no longer two story. It is one door west of Tol’s Jewelry. It later had Chickasaw Furniture and a hotel on the 2nd floor later on.”



“I used to fly light planes in Ardmore, at the old Ardmore Airport and the AAB at Gene Autry. Gene Coxsey, Jimmie Moore, and I owned an Aeroneca Chief. As well as I remember, Arthur Oakley used to fly for Lloyd Noble, and flew a Stagger Wing Beechcraft. I remember seeing it fly around Ardmore. I was told there used to be a small airstrip at which is now 13th Avenue, between C Street and Hargrove. Wiley Post and Arthur Oakley used to fly there. I think Wiley Post learned to fly there. I told Mr. Easley, who wrote a daily article for the Ardmoreite that there should be some kind of plaque placed there.” -Bill Spearman

J.C. Preddy Saddlery, Ardmore, Oklahoma
1912 Fire and auction sale, Healdton, Oklahoma.
“Picture taken in 1946 at Washington School. Second teacher is Mrs. Pickens. Third teacher is Billie Zach Graybell. Who is the first teacher? I think her husband was also a teacher.
“Picture taken in 1946 at Washington School. Girls identified are Dana Mayhall, Alice Wells, Betty Sue Phillips, Barbara Lou Thomason, Rita Worley, Audrey Taylor and Ruby Jo McMurray. Can anyone identify any of the other girls.”
Recipe for “deskunking” a dog

The Nov 1999 issue of “The Whole Dog Journal” gave a great recipe for removing skunk scent from a dog. I’ve given it to several people, with good results. I decided that I’d send it out to my dog-loving friends and you could print it off and put it in your recipe book to have in case of need. This recipe was developed by a chemist, Paul Krebaum, who was familiar with the molecular structure of this foul substance. The molecule that makes it so hard to kill the smell is called a thiole. By causing oxygen to bond with the thioles, the odor is neutralized. This works much better than tomato juice. The ingredients below are common household items which we should keep on hand. However, this cannot be stored, as it fizzes up when you mix it.

1 qt. 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 tsp liquid dish detergent

Mix in a bucket or bowl. Wet dog with this fizzy solution and knead it well into his coat to chemically alter every bit of thiole. Keep it from getting into the eyes, nose and mouth. Can be sponged onto the face. Follow up with a thorough rinse. Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc. is dedicated to saving, rehabilitating, and rehoming unwanted, abused, neglected Border Collies. By cooperating together we will save more of the Breed we love.
“Don’t believe that old wives’ tale about tomato juice removing skunk odor. I used to have a dog that never learned about skunks – got into them several times. Nothing worked except some product called Nilodor. I believe it is no longer on the market. So, just stay away from those skunks!”
“Hi Butch, A lady made mention of going over to Coleman Jones’s house to play with his train. Wonder if she would recognize the train in this picture.”

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..Butch, thought you’d enjoy seeing the Empress tree. I sent you the pix on the left last Aug and that was the trees first spring and summer to grow. The pix on the right is from today, only its second summer to grow. Anxious to see what next year will look like!
Don’t miss the annual Amish School Consignment Auction this Saturday, Sept. 9th. Travel to Clarita in southeastern Oklahoma for one of the most popular auctions in the state! Start the day with a pancake breakfast, then place your bids as hand-sewn quilts, antiques, glassware and furniture come up for sale. Enjoy delicious homemade food from Amish vendors, and be sure to take home some goodies for later at this highly-anticipated event!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” -Winston Churchill

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