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Vol 22  Issue 1,120  July 12, 2018

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Last Wednesday July 11th I went to work at Hidden Lake RV Park south of Plainview schools. I’m looking forward to the new challenges, and working with owners Dave and Rose Stevens and some great employees, some I’ve known for years. Looking forward to trying the two 70 foot water slides located on the property!


Devils Den brochure before it closed down for good north of Tishomingo, Oklahoma.


Here is a bell someone took at Dutton, Oklahoma and sent to me. Cast iron, but impressive.


June 1934
The last of the concrete on U.S. 70 between Lone Grove and the end of the slab west of Lone Grove to the Bayou, will be laid by Saturday June 9th unless weather conditions interfere. When this strip is open, it will give Highway 70 approximately 88 miles of permanent paving. The next section to be looked at is that part of Highway 70 from south of Healdton to Ringling- a distance of 34 miles. It is said that it will be the longest section of straight highway in the state.

June 1983
A petroleum product theft investigation in the Ardmore-Lone Grove area is confirmed by the FBI’s media coordinator, Gene Pogue. The investigation possibly includes theft of petroleum products and various company products at Total Petroleum.

June 1983
The Lone Grove Fire Department is the first to own a Hurst Tool, better known as the Jaws of Life. It was donated to the local fire department by a “generous donor.”-

Q.  Where in Oklahoma is there a wolf sanctuary?
A.   Freedom’s Song Wolf Sanctuary is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Q.  What town is known as the “official peach capital in Oklahoma?”
A.  Answer in next week’s newsletter

Some pavers I sandblasted recently.


Below is from This and That newsletter archives of July 13, 2006

 Long time Ardmoreite Jim Rozzell stops by my office every now and then and we talk about Ardmore history and things of long ago. Sometimes he even has an old photograph to share for the T&T. This week he really didn’t have any photos to share, and all we really did was shoot the bull. I don’t even remember now what we did talked about, but I distinctly remember one sentence Jim said. “….want to go eat a hamburger?” I guess Jim was in a buying mood, and I was in a eating mood, so he didn’t have to ask me twice. lol

The hardest part was figuring out where to go eat that hamburger with so many choices in the immediate area. I remember receiving a number of emails the past few weeks saying I was missing out on a great burger at the Bowling Alley in Lone Grove. So when I mentioned that to Jim, he said let’s go. I ate a burger there 7 or 8 years ago, so I was ready, and Jim was willing, so off we went.

It was 10 minutes after high noon, the place was packed, and there was only one empty booth over against the east wall. Boy, we grabbed that sitting place real quick and placed our orders. I ordered my usual, an old fashion hamburger with mustard. It seemed like a long wait, when in reality it wasn’t, but let me tell you, it was worth every minute. This $2.09 cent burger was one of the best I’ve eaten in these parts. There was a big thick piece of meat, some really crisp lettuce, and the most delicious crisp red tomato, along with some pickles underneath that piece of meat pattie. Needless to say I was a happy camper. Now I want all of you to look at this pic I took that day at noon in Lone Grove, Oklahoma and tell me this isn’t one of the best looking burgers you ever saw!

“Butch, First, let me say thank you for attending the service for my mother, Beverly Westheimer Wellnitz a couple of weeks ago. Second, I will try and explain some tidbits that I have investigated about the Munzesheimers. My great grandmother was Rose Munzesheimer, daughter of Max Munzesheimer, and wife of Simon Westheimer. Simon and Rose had 2 sons, one that died at birth, and my grandfather, Jerome Max Westheimer, Sr. It is my understanding that the Munzesheimers traveled from Marshall, Texas to Ardmore, where they met the Daubes that had set up shop at the Blue Front (or Red Front…the stories have been changed or memories aren’t as clear). Max Munzesheimer left Ardmore to set up another dry goods store in Gainesville, Texas. Max Westheimer, Simon’s brother, took over the store and the store became Westheimer and Daube. Simon came to Ardmore later after spending time trading in the Dutch Indies and operated Westheimer and Daube in Marietta. There was also a Westheimer and Daube in Bowie, Texas. When Max Westheimer died in 1938, the store in Ardmore became Daube’s Department Store. Max Munzesheimer was buried in the Jewish part of the Fairlawn Cemetery in Gainesville. Simon, Rose, and the infant were also buried in a plot next to him. Rose died around 1929 and Simon died in 1941. It must be noted that there were around 12 family members in Texas, and I’m still trying to find out if Gustav Munzesheimer, from the Munzesheimer Manor in Mineola, Texas is related. Love your articles and work.” -Chris O’Donnell
The Wilson News Feb. 1915
“Would Create New County”
There has been an agitation started at Wilson and in other portions of the county, and in some portions of Jefferson, Stephens and Love Counties, to cut off enough territory from each of the counties named and form a new county with Ringling as the county seat. Just what the movement will amount to is not known at the present time, but the argument is advanced that with McCrory as Speaker of the House, he might wield the big stick with sufficient force to bring the change about and add another county to the list already claimed by the state. County Commissioner, Taliaferro, today stated that he had heard this talk principally at Wilson and while he was not disposed to take the matter seriously, still it might amount to something more than talk unless the people of this county were awakened to the fact that such a thing might be accomplished. Those who are interested in the scheme have gone so far as to suggest three names to be submitted for the county: Wilson, Williams (after the present governor), and Ringling.

Contributor’s note: “The reason a new county was not formed – In order for a new county to be formed, it must contain a taxable area of 400 square miles. The “new” county could not fill that criteria without taking land from other counties who would have, then, not met their requirement of taxable area.” -Melinda Taylor
“Halito! That’s “hello” in Choctaw. Butch, I wanted to thank you for some incredible information I got from T & T a couple of weeks ago. I’ll start at the beginning. My great grandfather, a full blood Choctaw was injured in WW I, died in the hospital and was buried in France. My great grandmother had the option of having his body returned but chose not to, as others had received the wrong bodies. He was very young and the father of 4 small children. At that time Indians were not U.S. citizens but they fought for this country just like the rest of the young men did. Somehow, the information of his burial place was lost and no one in the family knew how to find that information. I had tried to find something on the internet about 6 years ago for my mother. She desperately wanted to visit the cemetery and have a proper Choctaw burial ceremony. Thanks to a letter sent in by one of your Readers that included a link to look up names of soldiers buried in France I was able to get the name of the cemetery and the exact plot. I printed out the information, took it to my mother, who cried. She and a cousin are now planning their trip to France. Yakoke! (thank you).”
“Hi Butch… I have a question… My Gr. Gr. Grandmother and Gr. Grandfather are buried at the Red River Cemetery outside of Gainesville (20 miles NW of Gainesville – 4 miles south of the Red River) in what used to be called Sivells Bend Community. The Grandmother’s headstone is broken in to and the Grandfather’s headstone from what I hear has been knocked over by cows…I hope to find someone in that area of TX who will help get my Grandfather’s stone up righted and the Grandmothers headstone fixed or replaced.. do you have any idea who I might find in that area to help me achieve this mission? I am sending along a photo that I took several years ago when the Grandfathers stone was still standing upright.. you can see on the left where the other stone is broken. My Uncle Donald Morgan is in the photo. Thank you for any help.” -Karen Morgan Palmer in West Texas Jazloo@cs.com
“Dear Mr. Bridges, Mark Lauderdale here. I have a story that is rather amusing, at least to me, regarding my experience with my request for an educated cheese burger. I had never really traveled much until I joined the Navy at the age of 19. My first flight on a “Jet” airplane was from Oklahoma City to San Diego, California via Los Angeles for boot camp. This was in August of 1973. You could say I had never been much beyond Dallas and OKC in those 19 years. While attending school to become a Navy Hospital Corpsman at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego I was in a long line of sailors in the chow hall. As the line inched its way up to the short order section a big burley cook in rolled up T-shirt sleeves and rolled down white hat (standard Navy issue type), I ask for an Educated Cheese Burger, fries and coke. Just as Mr. Brown and Chock had trained those of us who ate at the Hamburger Inn each day while at Ardmore High School. Well, we know how colorful a sailors vocabulary can be. I was told to give him my order or he would kick my “educated” (substitute a word for behind that rhymes with class here) out the door. Then I ask for “old fashion” which is common lingo for all the Sonic drive ins’ and again was rewarded with a mouthful of slurs no mother would love to hear their son say. Scared and feeling two feet tall I ask for fries and coke and left as fast as I could. This started my “education” process in the ways of the world where I learned to keep my mouth shut and my ears open. Now I have traveled the world many times and received a good “education” that is taking me through a fantastic life. Best regards.” -Mark Lauderdale AHS 72
“Mr Butch—Did you ever have to drink water from a gourd—–I never will forget the first enamel dipper I ever saw—My dad traded for it and I just had to show it to one of the neighbors—-I walked about I/4 mile to show them—That thing was snow white with a red ring right around the top. That was on of the greatest things that had happened in our parts until the REA threw a power pole off in the yard about 15 years later. I have saw you fellow raise those fast trees that grow over night—the tomatoes up side down. I grow gourds—All you have to do to grow dipper gourd is be able to climb a tree.—Working or fertilizing a gourd kills it so that is a perfect plant for me. Here are some of last years—- Those hung in the Magnolia I am wishing for an 8 to 10 ft handle— What do you think the chances are?” -From Lookout Mt in Alabama floydcrowe@yahoo.com


“On July 30th we will dedicate the “W.T. Johnson Memorial Garden” at Salyer Lake Conference and Retreat Center near Binger, OK. Part of the Garden is a bell tower to house the bell that has been brought from the old Southwest Oklahoma District Nazarene Camp near Anadarko. It was there from the beginning of that campground in 1953. I have been able to find that the bell originally was in the belfry of the First Methodist Church in El Reno. The building was built in 1909 to 1910. No record exists when the bell was installed there, however, since inside the bell is cast the numbers 5 28 32, I believe it was installed some time after May 28, 1932. In 1948 the First Methodist Church of El Reno was purchased by the Church of the Nazarene of El Reno. Shortly after that purchase the corner belfry was removed from the church and the bell was stored in the basement of the church. In 1953 when the Nazarene District began the Anadarko Campground the bell was moved to that location. In 2000 with the sale of that property the bell was moved from the location near Anadarko to the Salyer Lake near Binger. Salyer Lake is located on Highway 152, 15 miles West of Minco or 9 miles East of Binger.” -Paul Stroud, Manager of Salyer Lake Conference and Retreat Center
“Always happy to see another site about Oklahoma! We have the best state! Keep up the good work. You may want to visit my site for information about Caddo, Oklahoma. I include a lot of genealogy info on my site.” -Mary Maurer

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

Photo of a residence in Ardmore, Ok. sent by Robert Hensley

Note: This home sure looks like a home located on G Street SW south of Stanley Street.

“The land is the only thing in the world worth working for, worth fighting for, worth dying for, because it’s the only thing that lasts.” -Gerald O’Hara, “Gone With The Wind”

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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