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Vol 22  Issue 1,125 August 16, 2018

Ardmore, Oklahoma, Ardmore, Oklahoma 73402

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The clock is going way too fast, and I think time and age is catching up with me. I bought a 94 lb of Portland cement the other day, and I thought I was not going to get it on the tailgate of my truck. And I sure didn’t try to push it in on the truck bed. At 85 lbs and figured it wouldn’t blow out. Ten or 15 years ago I could have threw that bag of cement in the truck bed with no problem.

And another thing that tells me age is catching up with me and makes me sad. Nearly every time I look at the obituary column I see someone I know that passed away. It really kinda depresses me. But we go on.

And if the above was not bad enough, this humidity is killing me when I’m outside. Terrible.

August 1934
Walter J. Coffey was elected Lone Grove Constable. He had 164 votes to 163 for Bence Tanner, Willis Watson 119, Claud Santlin 113, and George Behrens 59 votes. A. J. Cook was elected Justice of the Peace with 316 to 284 for Lee Drummond.

August 1934
Brice Scivally had a narrow escape from death by lightning Friday afternoon and was not fully recovered from the shock, although there is no indication his injury will be permanent. Scivally was driving a mower when a severe storm seem to be brewing. He drove the team to the vacant shed and was seated in the doorway when a blinding flash shocked his lower limbs and rendered him partially unconscious. He recovered rapidly but it was an hour before he was able to stand without assistance.

August 1958
The grand opening of J. C. Penney department store was held on August 7th with J. C. Penney founder of the nationally-known chain visiting the 3 story on West Main in Ardmore.

August 1958
Charles Lain, Clerk of the Springer School Board, had a concussion and Jack Burch, School Board member, had to have 4 stitches to close a wound after school board members were attacked by a group protesting a decision to integrate. Bonds totaling almost $1,000 were required of the protesters.

Q.  Oklahoma is no stranger to abandoned towns. From the east to the west side of the state there are hundreds of ghost towns that most people have long forgotten about. One, in particular, located in far south west Oklahoma close to the border of Texas, is still littered with memories. Also many old buildings still there some with a lot of Okie junk inside for the browsing. One even has a front door with a cross made from tree limbs attached to the front and a weird cemetery. Find out where in next week’s newsletter.
A.   Reed, Oklahoma is located in far western Oklahoma in Greer County. It’s close to the border of Texas, just off State Highway 9. The town opened its first post office on September 16, 1892, and now it’s just a small, lonely unincorporated community. Now a ghost town with lots of Okie junk.

Q.  When and where in Oklahoma is the Grape Stomp Festival held?
A.  Answer in next week’s newsletter

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of August 17, 2006

This is a link to the Folder with all the pictures I took in St Louis, Missouri a couple weeks ago. Maybe someone knows what kind of bird that was near the Archway with the beautiful colored wing tips.
“Hey Butch, this is Joshua Carroll of Tishomingo, OK. I was just writing you to let you know that my Grandfather, Neal Freeman, sends me your newsletter every week. I am currently deployed in Iraq right now, and I seen the part about the asphalt worker and the 104 degrees, just wandering if i could put out to everybody reading to remember to pray every once in a while for our troops over here. Yesterday i seen 136 degrees, and the power goes out like every hour, so that means no cool water. But anyways i enjoy your news letter and me being only 20 years old i find it a excellent source to get history in my home state, OKLAHOMA.” -PFC Carroll, Joshua of Tishomingo, OK
“Butch, Thought you might like to see this Ardmore Grammar School class roll from 1908.” -Grover Wells

“I have some interesting info about Brown Springs you might want to add. it starts out in 1983 when I was 8 my friends father and mother where taking us to eagles nest to camp for two days. we stop by the springs to get some water out of the pip . it was about dusk .when we heard a sound from up the hill . as a kid thing did scare me to much. so I went up the hill to see a group of people in black dress going in the Cemetery there was this lady yelling and cry as the people in black took her with them .my friends father yelled for us to come back to the truck when we got there we told him what we seen. so he got his shot gun out and went to the hill. next thing we know he was running down yelling at us to get in the car. he now get in get in so we did just that at that time we where to young to understand why he said that but I looked back as we took off and there where 6 people in black running after him. we stop at the store to call the cops. one come out to the store. when my friends father told the cop what we saw and heard the cop told him then that there is not any cops that will go out to that place from ether side the Texas are OK side and that we are lucky to be a life. this was my first time there. then about a year later when I was nine my brother and 6 of his friends went there late at night. my brother and three ethers where the only ones to make it out a live .he told my mother that a friend of his was meeting some people he know up there. my brother said they where meet at the top of the hill by 4 guys in black they where led in to the woods deep in there my brother said that they killing goats and rabbits and blood was every where in there. then they came across a long flat stone and on the stone was a young girl dress in white with blood all over her. that when my brother and his friends said man lets get out of here and they started running back in woods the way they came in. but only 4 made it out. two did not make it. he told my mother they went to the cops and told them what they had seen . that what I to be true. even knowing this I still would go back over the years with my G-mother to vist up there for see my G- mother said that was our family in the old Indian cemetery so we use to put flowers on the graves. I got to know one soul of the cemetery his name is Tommy the little in the pic you took . he is a joker and like to play games on you. i have told people over the years about Brown springs and thing I seen there. they not Believe me so I took them there to see with there own eyes on two different times with two people one in 1992 we took a guy there said that a ball fire chased him down the hill we did see it. the other time was in 1993 before my oldest son was born. and this guy also said the same thing and ether one would ever go back with us. so now days we still go there and i take my two kids with me for ian Indian and see things that most don’t see . my family is from Gainesville on both sides my mother and fathers. nothing will ever scary me away from there. thank you.”
“Butch, This is the 1922 Ardmore High School football team.” -Grover Wells
From The Wilson News
January 1915:
1-21-1915 The Oil Refinery at Ardmore took the first run of oil this week.
1-28-1915 It is reported that the dynamite explosion here last Friday night was plainly heard two miles the other side of Healdton.

February 1915:
2-4-1915 Misses Eula and Verda Marrs and Messrs. Jim McCorley and Benny Darling drove to Healdton oil fields on Sunday for a pleasure trip. They reported twelve rigs blown down by the wind storm.
2-4-1915 The Wirt Post Office opened its doors last Monday. They have a carrier from the Healdton office.
2-4-1915 In the state legislature the house passed a bill Friday providing for a payment of a pension of $10.00 a month to all disabled or indigent ex-confederate soldiers or sailors or their widows.
March 1915:
3-18-1915 The Wilson School baseball team went to Ragtown last Saturday to play the school team of that place. The Wilson boys found a team of grown men, the boys team not having had practice enough to give them confidence to enter the game. The score was 17 to 36 in favor of Ragtown.
3-11-1915 $1,000 Dead or Alive – Governor Williams has offered the above reward in behalf of the state for Henry Starr and others who are supposed to have taken part in a daring raid on the State Bank at Carney on December 29.
-submitted by Mindy Taylor

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

Q. Hi Butch. Can you tell me what free mass email service you use to send your T&T every week? I have a friend who has run afoul of his internet/email provider and needs to find something that works for mass mailings quickly. BTW I still look forward to the T&T every week.

A. https://mailchimp.com/

“A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often – just to save it from drying out completely.” -Pam Brown

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

“Friends Make Life Worth Living”Ardmore, Oklahoma
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