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Vol 22  Issue 1,140 November 29, 2018

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Ervin Dearwood Pierce (1923-2000) was born to Walter and Winnie Ponder Pierce in Graham, Oklahoma July 10, 1923. He was born on the Jim Ponder farm, his grandfather, just one mile south of Graham. He started to school at Graham in first grade. His daddy bought his brother Lawrence and him a pony when Ervin was seven. While riding the pony around the house one day, he was thrown off and seriously injured. He was hospitalized for 3 years at the Von Keller Hospital in Ardmore. When he was 10 years old he was released from the hospital. He then walked on crutches for several years. In later years he overcame the bone disease osteomyelitis.

In 1946 he met and married a Healdton girl, Joyce Shrader. She was the daughter of Margaret and Robert L. Shrader.

They owned and operated the Graham Rural Telephone Exchange until 1949. At that time Ervin begin working in the oil fields. During this time Joyce attended college at Central State University, receiving her B.S. degree in 1960. They had two boys and one daughter, Greg, Larry, and Brenda.

In 1960 they moved to Velma where Joyce taught first grade, then in 1970, receiving a master’s degree in special education, she begin work with the mentally handicapped. In 1971 Joyce visited in six different European countries representing Oklahoma in an exchange program in special education. She still works with the handicapped students at Velma School.

In 1972 they built their home in Graham on the site of the telephone exchange where they first married. Ervin then went to work for Carter County, as a truck driver. In 1978 Commissioner Chub Davis retired, and Ervin D. Pierce threw his hat in the ring for his replacement. He won the election over Calvin Duncan. He is still serving as County Commissioner for Carter County in District 2 (1979-1982). He has been very instrumental in keeping the public transportation program for the elderly and others who need rides to doctors and to do their shopping. Ervin has in his district one of the first bridges built in Oklahoma under the Oklahoma bridge program, legislated in 1980 to help build new bridges to replace old worn-out, obsolete bridges. His name plaque is engraved on the bridge just southeast of Graham across Caddo Creek.

Ervin is very proud of his family of three children and eight grandchildren. Their two boys have college degrees.

Their daughter, Brenda, is a bank employee in Norman, Oklahoma. Greg taught agriculture in the Tishomingo schools for 7 years and is now an assistant director of the State Vocational Education Department. Larry had coached and taught wood shop in the Norman Public Schools. He is now self-employed in the oil fields in Velma.

Ervin enjoys being in politics and is proud to serve Carter County. –Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers book 1983


September 1934
F. R. Troop of the Blue Ribbon Community says the best feed in the world for livestock in winter is turnips and they are sure not bad fodder for human beings either.

September 1983
Carter County Commissioners offered Great Plains Bottling Company at South Washington and 1st Street Southeast $150,000 for a lot near the courthouse upon which to construct a new county jail. Commissioners are faced with closure of the current jail and must reduce the jail population from 50 inmates down to 21 in 2 weeks.

The Mt Scott Road near Lawton will be closed until possible next Spring due to flooding damage in September. No cars will be allowed to travel the road to the top of Mount Scott.


Q.  Where in Oklahoma is the Labadie Mansion in Oklahoma which is reported to be haunted?
A.  Copan, Oklahoma about 50 miles north of Tulsa.

Q.  Where in Oklahoma can the Crimmy dinosaur be found?
A.  Answer in next week’s newsletter

Here’s a couple of pavers I sandblasted the other day.




Below is from This and That newsletter archives of November 30, 2006

Old man winter came in hard last night with ice and snow covering all Oklahoma by time the sun came up today. Here is south central Oklahoma it wasn’t nearly as bad as other parts of the state. Hopefully if the weatherman is right, we will have a clear sky Friday morning and warm back up into the 40s by Friday afternoon. Here’s a pix I snapped at 7pm Thursday evening November 30, 2006 at Central Park.
Albert Cullum….. he was in town this week and brought by 3 nice pieces of Grapette history. Some of you will remember we talked last week about a special made Grapette bottle in the shape of a clown and it held Grapette syrup. Grapette made 3 shapes back in the early 50s, a clown, an elephant and and a kitten. It just so happens that Albert has all three in his collection. And he also had a copy of a letter he received in 1970 from the Grapette Company in Camden, Arkansas where he had wrote inquiring about these specially made bottles. Below is a scan of the letter and a pix of the three bottles.


Now if the above was not joy enjoy to see in person, years ago Albert found along the railroad tracks a small bottle (about 4 and 1/2 tall inches) that reads:

Edison Battery Oil
Made in USA
Thomas A. Edison
Bloomfield, N.J.

On the side of the bottle, is Thomas A. Edison in script writing. These kind of bottles were once filled with oil that was used to operate the railroad crossings. I found several of these bottles for sale on eBay for about $3 each, but if I owned this bottle Albert has, I wouldn’t sell it for three times that.

Susan Whitten in Louisiana sent in some really nice photos this week. But one really caught my attention, its of the old highway sign north of Tishomingo that pointed the way to Devils Den.

Devils Den coffin
The Wilson News

Jan. 1915
Wilson is to have a skating rink. Mr. Brimer has ordered the roller skates and his hall will be used for skating.

Mr. Brimer opened his skating rink for roller skaters Monday night. There was a nice crowd present and all appeared to be enjoying themselves in a very orderly manner.

Wilson is to have another skating rink in the Carmichael Building on East Main Street. A new floor is being laid.

Roller skating craze seems to be reviving. Some years ago it was a very popular form of amusement, but recently the popularity of roller skating seemed to be confined to the children on the pavements. Now, however, the sport seems to be again becoming quiet a favorite with the older ones, and skating halls are becoming quite popular again.

Church Notes:
Bro. G. W. Thompson will preach for the Church of Christ Saturday night, owing to the fact that he building we used has been turned into a skating rink, we will have services across the street in the Phillips and Mansur Building.

Bunk Allen fell last week while on roller skates and broke two bones in his left forearm.
-submitted by Mindy Taylor

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

I like the piece about Camp Howze near Gainesville – there’s a Camp Howze in South Korea near the DMZ, had lunch there more than I can count when I was working on the DMZ looking for north Korean Tunnels from ’78-’81. Thanks for bringing back some good memories. -Ralph Ford
“Hi, Butch. I put together a map showing the location of “all” Johnston County schools. Any corrections/additions appreciated from anyone.

I also started trying to find photos of the schools BUILDINGS. That have proven to be more difficult for some, such as Polka Grove, Concrete, Sylvan/Bean, Wolf Creek, Romines, Varner, Pilgrim’s Rest, and a few others. I have attached a map in case someone has any ideas for photos. I have worked extensively with the Johnston County Museum.” -Richard Craven

Choctaw Class

We have a little Choctaw class
Each Monday night we meet

We learn a little Choctaw
Then we stop and eat

And then we sing
And then we laugh

The people are so sweet
I love this little Choctaw class

It always brings me joy
To learn a little Choctaw

And be with people I adore

-Luther L. Wooley
November 26, 2018

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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