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Vol 23  Issue 1,170 June 27, 2019

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L. J. Johnson, Saddler, 1899

Mr. L. J. Johnson conducts one of the most extensive barn and saddle manufacturing establishments in the Indian Territory. Those contemplating purchasing anything worn by man’s best friend, the horse, should take the time to examine his stock. You will be surprised to find harnesses, saddles, and other leather goods much cheaper than sold at many other places.
-Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers book 1982

Sherman Joines – Lloyd Jackson Ranch

In 1896 Sherman Joines built a ranch home 15 miles south of Ringling on the Red River, near the site of Spanish Fort. Spanish Fort was an Indian settlement (Taovayas Indians) in the 1700s and was an active Trading Post. A story was printed in the Fort Worth Gazette on November 3rd 1884 indicating that five hunters from Spanish Fort including Sherman Joines were exploring a cave 2 miles upstream from the fort on the Oklahoma side. Their dogs led them chasing a panther. As they remove the stones covering the entrance they found a brass cannon, saddles, swords, blunderbussescoats of mail, Spanish books, and about $25,000 worth of Spanish gold and silver coins. There were also 3 silver ingots and two gold crucifixes. Shortly after this discovery, Sherman Joines bought the property and built a ranch house. He later moved to Ardmore, was a prominent citizen and operate a large cattle ranch in the Arbuckle’s near the Milo-Woodford area. Lloyd Jackson bought the Spanish Fort property in the 1930s, and operated a successful ranch many years.
-Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers book 1982

May 1935
Lake Murray was back at the May 1st level after engineers opened part of the spillway to permit several feet of water to escape through the gap. The water level at Lake Murray stood at 42 ft on Thursday, after I high of 51 feet recorded on Wednesday.

May 1935
Only two witnesses are living to recall a tragedy that occurred May 1st, a half-century ago. J. W. Johnston of Milo is one of the witnesses. A band of outlaws headed by Jim and Pink Lee shot down Andy and Jim Roff, Jim Guy and Billy Kirksey at the old Lee Ranch situated 6 miles east of the 700 Ranch on that May day, 1885. The Dyer Brothers went to their old home in Fannin County, Texas a day or so after the shootings at the Lee Ranch and kill the sheriff who came to arrest them. They were later arrested and hanged in the jail yard by the sheriff friends.

Old bank building at Burbank, Oklahoma (east of Ponca City) Population 140.


A 1959 Sonic Menu.


Griffin State Hospital on the east side of Norman.


No long any water flowing from of the several different springs the flowed at Bromide Springs at Sulphur, Oklahoma.


Now only a piece of Kingston’s history, this is the Texomaland Fun Park at Kingston, Oklahoma


Q.  This small town Oklahoma is a small-knit community of less than 1,000 residents. One tragedy after another has struck and now the residents are beginning to wonder if their town is cursed. Where is this small town located in Oklahoma?
A.  Weleetka, Oklahoma

Q.  What famous movie star was born in Ryan, Oklahoma (south of Waurika)?
A.  Answer in next week’s newsletter

Below are 6 pavers I recently sandblasted.


Not too many years ago I could buy Vaseline Medicated petroleum jelly. But checking the past few weeks I found out its been discontinued. I did find J.R. Watkins Petro-Carbo slave and its been around for many decades. I bought a can (comes in spray and liniment bottles too) and gave it a try. This stuff is great for any skin ailments, like pimples, scrapes, cuts, abrasions, carbuncles, itches, chigger bites, etc. It works just like the Vaseline carbolated slave of years ago.


Below is from This and That newsletter archives of June 28, 2007

We drove on around to the dam at Lake Murray and water was flowing over the spill way pretty swift…. I didn’t feel real comfortable driving through across it with the rushing water and sound. But we made it across and back. I personally didn’t think it was to smart for these young people to be wading in the dam’s water flow. They were trying to catch fish. I remember back over the years when several cars and also people drowning when they were swept over the dam when the water was high like it is now.
I saw on the news this week where our area has not had this much rain since 1937. That date confirms what Ardmoreite Ernest Martin told me several years ago. Ernest was state senator from 1964 to 1982. It seems like around 1935 when Lake Murray was constructed, they thought it would take several years to fill up with water. But in fact, it filled up very quickly and more then anyone expected. Little did the people know in 1935 that 2 years later Oklahoma would receive a record rainfall. Ernest said when you stand at the back entrance to Lake Murray Lodge, the water line was intended to be a lot further back. But because of the heavy rains right after completion, the shore line came much closer to the Lodge than anyone predicted.
A couple weeks ago there was mention of the old Randolph Saddle Shop at South Commerce and Myall Road being torn down. Here is a picture of it a couple years ago when it was B&C Saddle Shop. Its an empty lot now.
“Butch, At some point during the 1950’s, my dad, Ossian Cameron operated the service station, CAM-X Oil, next to the Randolph Saddle Shop. It was during that time that I became familiar with Mr. Randolph. I always loved the smell of the saddles and tack in the shop. Every now and then there would be a story from their past. Both he and his wife were rodeo performers, known all over the world. There were always a lot of photos in the shop showing Mr. Randolph and his wife. It always amazed me that here was a gentleman who shared a wonderful celebrity life with his family outside of Ardmore and maintained a normal life in the saddle shop. It seems like they also had a son who performed but I can’t remember any longer. Many years later, during one of my high school reunion trips to Ardmore, I stopped in the shop. The photos were gone as was Mr. Randolph, but some of the display cases were still there. The smell of tanned leather was still in the air and when I closed my eyes I could hear a familiar voice and see the face I had known many years before. You’re right. A little bit of Ardmore died with the destruction of that old building.” -Monroe Cameron
“Butch: I was down in Jefferson County (doing research) and when I came home, I drove thru Healdton. If you haven’t seen it, you need to make a trip over to the Healdton Oil Museum and see the old 1920ish touring car that belonged to Wirt Franklin. It is HUGE! I’m sure it didn’t get any better gas mileage than the gas guzzlers of today!” -Liz Freeman https://oklahomahistory.net/ttphotos7a/WirtFranklinAuto.jpg
In 1969, Hobo Joe’s in Madill was called Lydia’s and it was always packed. I believe Lydia, at one time had her cafe going out east off the square on south side of street but she did sell out to the folks who call it Hobo Joe’s. The food was exceptional then too. Sunday’s were family days, after church. Have you traveled up to Dougherty, Murray County? My Great-grandfather worked in the asphalt mine there, my grandfather worked there also, and across the street from one of the concrete offices the families lived across the road in tents, my mother and her sisters were born in their tent. My great-grandfather, James Franklin (Jim) Swindle was killed in a mine cave-in in 1911. The mine is now privately owned but I understand it has been renovated somewhat. Thanks for all of the news, i enjoy reading your pages of history. The Turner Falls pictures were very well taken. Brought back memories of the late 50’s when several of us skipped school and ended up going swimming? In February on top of the falls. I remember only that it was cold, with only our bathing suits. Once was enough.”
“This appeared in last week’s Perry Daily Journal as a little reminder of one of the things our little city is noted for – Wresting capital of the world in 1922. My friend Danny Hodge still lives here, and I think that Gordon Rossler still lives on a farm just outside of town. I wonder how long it’s been since one of the big sports magazines has had an article about us? I think that Danny Hodge is the ONLY wrestler to have ever appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated! A few years ago he was featured on the cover of our local telephone directory.” – Roy Kendrick in Perry, Oklahoma


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

The 2019 Dougherty Homecoming and School Reunion will be held Saturday, June 29th, at the Dougherty School. Alumni membership fee and meal will be $15.00. A guest meal is $10.00. Dougherty graduates, former students and teachers, former residents, those who have attended church in Dougherty, and friends are welcome. Visiting begins at 5:30pm and dinner is at 7:00pm.
Television 1948
“Butch, when I was going to the old Ardmore junior high & high school in the early 70’s the old Harris Gas Station in the SE corner of 3rd and North Washington was a hamburger place that I remember as being called the “Tiger Hut” for the Ardmore Tigers. I spent many a day going over there for lunch while attending the school there until 1974 when we moved to the current AHS. They made some pretty darn good burgers there, too.”
-Mark Story

Watch what you say and do, little eyes are watching you.

See everyone next week!

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