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Vol 23  Issue 1,182  September 19, 2019

Ardmore, Oklahoma, Ardmore, Oklahoma 73402

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Henry and Regina (Blank) Baum

Ardmore was just developing into a bustling frontier town in the 1890s when Henry Baum was offered a position with the “Iron Store”, one of our earliest businesses in Ardmore. Henry was living in Gainesville, Texas and accepted the offer. He was born August 23rd, 1875 in Cornith, Mississippi, the son of Daniel and Bertha Baum. His mother was originally from Philadelphia. He has three brothers and four sisters.

Henry eventually became the store manager of Westheimer and Daube, the leading department store in Ardmore. In 1915, he opened his own store, Henry Baum & Company, a ladies department store. Henry was active in the developing of Ardmore, being also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Lions Club, and president of the Temple Emeth.

In 1919 Henry was married to Regina (Blank) Baum in Ardmore. Regina is the daughter of Henry and Jeanette Mosbacher Blank. The Blanks were originally from Poland and the Mosbacher from Germany. Henry and Jeanette had migrated to Texas where Regina was born, in Abilene on October 23, 1891. She was their only child. The Blanks came into Indian Territory to make the famous run of 1892 and we’re waiting for the date when Henry caught pneumonia. They missed out on a claim but stayed in Marlow where they opened a mercantile store. About 1902 they moved to Paul’s Valley and later to Marietta operating a mercantile store in both towns. Mr. Blank died in Marietta. In 1905 Mrs. Blank and Regina move to Ardmore where Mrs. Blank work for Westheimer and Daubes. Mrs. Blank died in 1945.

Regina attended Berkeley for 2 years earning a teacher certificate. She taught for 9 years in Ardmore at the 4th Ward School (now Jefferson). After she and Henry Baum were married, she helped in the Baum and Company department store. Henry Baum Sr. died in 1947. Regina Baum died in 1989. Both are buried in Mt. Zion cemetery in Ardmore.
-Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers book 1982

Here is an interesting piece of Ardmore history I learned about this week. The Brewer Tree is located in the NW corner of Stanley and South Commerce. It seems this Chinese Elm tree was planted by Barbara Brewer back in the fifties as a sapling in recognition of the kids (baby boomers) growing up in that area.



This is a close-up of the plaque.


August 1935
G. W. Stanton is manager at the experimental farm near Lone Grove and operated by A&M college. Stanton has picked the date the Friday September 6th as the day to hold inspections for the farmers living in the area.

August 1959
Austin Sisney has what you might call a steady job with the Lone Grove Telephone Exchange. He worked 42.5 years for the late John Gauntt, and for the present owner, Royce Gauntt. But he quit the other day and opened up a service station for himself at Lone Grove.

August 1959
It used to be when boys turned 16 years old they got the thrill of their life being able to buy their first pair of long pants. Nowadays when kids turn 16, they get a chance at driver’s licenses.

August 1984
The Ardmore Higher Education building opened its doors in 1974 in the old Mt Washington School building, which was built in 1922. By 1979 the higher Ed Center looked for new quarters and started a fund drive that was matched by the Noble Foundation for up to $400,000. The enrollment that year was 661 students.

August 2004
Some local citizens got shocked when their electricity was shut off. It seems that when the County finished completing addressing changes for 911, some of the new addresses were not noted on some utility bills. When the electric company sent out bills with new rural route addresses, the bills were returned for incorrect addresses, and the electricity was turned off shortly thereafter.

Q.  In NE Oklahoma in the middle of a lake is a 3-span camelback bridge to nowhere.  Where is this mysterious oddity?
A.  Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees in Horse Creek Cove -nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountain Range you’ll see an odd bridge in the middle of the lake that leads to nowhere. (Click Here)

Q.  Where in Oklahoma is the Purple Church? This evil place in Oklahoma will make your blood turn cold.
A.  Answer in next week’s newsletter

A paver I sandblasted this week.


Below is from This and That newsletter archives of September 20, 2007

The Ardmore Historic Preservation was responsible for all of the Carter County portion of the book A Field Guide to Oklahoma Historical Markers, and I believe they had more markers listed with the locations documented, than any other county in the State. The Bookseller in Ardmore carries this book.

“In your last T&T someone wanted to know if there was a listing of Historical Markers in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Historical Society published a book “Mark of Heritage” in 1976 that listed each marker in the state, its location and what was inscribed on the marker along with some additional information about the site. The book also includes a pull-out map with all markers shown and numbered. The book references each marker by its number on the map. The book was written by Muriel H. Wright, George H. Shirk and Kenny A. Franks. You might recognize the name George Shirk for his book about Oklahoma Place Names. The Library of Congress Catalog Card Number for this book is 75-40255. It is a great book, but I believe it is no longer in print. I’ve carried my copy around the state many times. If anyone finds out that this book is once again available, I would appreciate an update. I’m attaching a scan of the cover of the book so someone can recognize it if they run across a copy.” -Gerald Whitworth
Jill and I stopped in at Mom and Pops Grocery last weekend to try one of their hamburgers. Boy, it was a great burger, one of the best I’ve ate lately. Mom and Pops is a little off the beaten path (SE of Lake Murray) but will worth the drive for a tasty burger!



Map where old the old Mom and Pops eatery was located  south edge of Lake Murray before it burned in July 2009.

“Here is a delicious hamburger from Marty’s Finish Line service station at Ratliff City. $3.75 but good, sorry about the missing piece, I could not wait. Ha.”
“Butch; In your latest T&T there was mention of the rock quarry and Rock Academy near Wapanucka. I believe that this land was sold, with the past couple of years. It was owned by a couple of sisters in Tulsa, but was purchased by a stone company in Minnesota, or somewhere in that vicinity. There are stories of the Knight of the Golden Circle using the land to deposit treasure to fund a second rising of the South after the Civil War and the legend is that Jesse James was a big fundraiser for this effort. The land was off-limits when the sisters owned it and I would imagine that it is even more restricted now that is corporate owned. I believe the Rock Academy was also on the land, but not sure if it is still accessible by the general public since it is an historic site. Anyone wanting to go treasure hunting for buried treasure should research Bugaboo canyon, between Atoka and Antlers. There’s lots of stories and legends about this place and it is a beautiful place to visit. I was there this summer and the road was pretty washed out in places due to the heavy rainfall in May-June. I don’t know if they have it repaired yet. I think I would wait until after the first frost before taking off on a hike through the canyon just to make sure all the snakes are gone. Make sure you stop at the ranger station and fill out an itinerary form, just in case you don’t make it back.” -Gerald Whitworth at Glenpool, Oklahoma
The Daily Ardmoreite 7-14-1915 -submitted by Mindy Taylor
“Fruit Demonstration Car”
The Frisco fruit demonstration car is due to arrive in Ardmore Thursday, July 15. The car will be in charge of Ashley Bales, agricultural agent for the Frisco Company.
The Frisco Company extends an invitation to all peach growers to attend the demonstrations given on the car.

“Wilson Fruit Growers Ship First Car Peaches”
Fruit growers from the neighborhood of Wilson and Hewitt shipped a car of early peaches from Wilson Saturday.
The variety shipped was the “Mamie Ross.” Elbertas are not quite ready for shipment. The crop now promises to be the largest ever grown in this section of the state.
There is considerable difficulty in finding baskets and crates enough to handle the crop.

“Uncle Dick” Bynum has shipped his second car of Elbertas this year. They go to the Chicago market where they bring top prices.

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

Dear Butch:
F.Y.I. That terrible accident involving the death of Larry Allen, Della Curtis, Pamela Parker, and Mr. & Mrs. Criner occurred Monday night July 20, 1959 just 3 days after my 10th birthday. Not in August as you stated in you last newsletter.
I knew Clark and Doris Curtis and their two children Della and Jimmy very well, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis owned and operated the 70 Café in Ringling and I lived three houses just West from them on East K Street in Ringling.
My Brother, my Dad and I were on our way home about daylight from near Madill where we had spent the night. My Dad was at that time an Oilfield Driller for Rogers and Briscoe Drilling Co. They had just finished drilling a well near Madill and had stacked out the rig, we were doing the night watch for the security of the equipment we often got to go with Dad when he did the night watch it was a wonderful camping out experience.
They were still working on the investigation of the accident which had occurred on U.S. Highway 70 and Plainview road. -Larry
Postcard of 1940’s West Main Street – Robert Hensley
I believe your nitro truck in this weeks newsletter is designed for completions, not seismic operations. -Thalbert MGinness
Belle Starr’s Cabin- I went to Devil’s Den many times when it was still open. I saw the cabin each time we went, and I remember that the man who owned the property did say that it was once Belle’s cabin. That is what everyone called it. -Skip
Butch, I lived on Monkey Island at Grand lake several years.  Several good friends there still.  To get to the unfinished bridge you have to go under Bernice Bridge, that is if water not up.  Numerous of us we’re tied up near the bridge just messing around.  One friend had a jet boat (not ski).  I got in his boat just piddling around when he hit the gas and threw me completely out of the boat then accidentally ran over me looking for me. Thank gosh a jet boat with no prop. -Vince

I really don’t care anything about the money, as long as I get it. -Groucho Marx 1890-1977

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

“Friends Make Life Worth Living”Ardmore, Oklahoma
Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443


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