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Vol 23  Issue 1,195    December 19, 2019

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Dr. George and Elizabeth (Pearl) Goodwin

George E. Goodwin, M.D. was born in Jefferson, Vermont on September 5th 1867. His parents were Horace and Clarissa Hubbard Goodwin, and the doctor’s mother Clarissa, live with him in Ardmore until her death in 1922

George went to medical school at Baltimore Medical College and graduated with an MD degree in 1896. He came to Ardmore in 1905 and opened a medical practice. He was also the president of an oil company and owned real estate. Dr. Goodwin was married to Elizabeth Pearl Goodwin, the daughter of Isaac and Hattie Tracy Pearl of Vermont. The Goodwin property on 4th Northeast was recently restored into a very attractive dwelling. Among his parents was the Armel J. Labbait family. Their last child John Goodwin Labbait, was named for the doctor. -Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers book 1982

This is Dr. Goodwin’s office at #7 4th NE in Ardmore in 1982.


Lone Grove, Oklahoma October 1984. Jess Mitchell Auto reported damage of approximately $10,000 to seven antique cars including windows shot out with a BB gun, and caved in tops on cars.

Jill and I spent the last 10 days in the Pocono Mountains in northeast Pennsylvania. 30 minutes before we arrived at our destination, it started snowing like crazy, thanks goodness for 4 wheel drive in our Dodge RAM. I know there is some beautiful country up there and tons of historical sites to see, but the dead of winter is not the time to visit.




Q.  In 1968 a small plane carrying two passengers en route to Las Vegas crashed in southern Oklahoma. An extraordinary hike can be taken to the site and still see debris left behind from the crash. Where is this crash site located?
A.  Visitors to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge can hike to the site and still see debris left behind from the crash. CLICK HERE

Q.  A small town in north central Oklahoma near the Kansas line where only 3,500 residents reside attracts over 6,000 visitors to town every day. Anyone know what they come to see and where it is?
A.  Answer in next week’s newsletter

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of December 13, 2007

The other day Ray Dewberry (Ray’s Backyard Concrete Ornaments where Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant Ardmore 718 S Commerce Street is now located) decided to remove a wall behind a window in his building. When it did, he found inside that wall a couple dozen old artifacts. The building was located where some of the things found include a couple Phillips 66 lapel pins, business cards, some picture postcards, a couple of booklets they used to record gas and oil purchases that were put on credit and other items. There was even a handwritten letter from a man in California begging Clayton Cude for money, since the man moved to that state in search of a job but it was not turning out as he hoped. Also a great find behind the wall was a photograph of the filling station back in the 1920s. A real piece of Ardmore history.

This is a pic I took of the wall. Its actually a window which was boarded up and had shelving in front of it. Ray thinks the items may have fallen off the shelving behind and down the wall, and just stayed there all these years.

About 50 feet north of Ray’s store is the railroad track. When Clayton Cude was owner, just on the north side of the tracks was Clayton’s Tavern. So Clayton owned both establishments back in those days. Clayton passed the filling station on to his son-in-law, Bob Shirey, and that is who I remember as filling station’s owner around 1970.

Below is the front of Clayton Cude’s business card touting 36 brands of motor oil.

Mr. Cude had a saying, actually 4 of them, written on the back of his business card.

One of the items Ray found tucked away in the wall was a 1989 Program for the Ardmore Raceway north of Ardmore. The next two scans will bring back many memories when you read the names listed in the Program.


The following are pics I took of the Ardmore Racetrack Program. I think most of them are readable. Lots and lots of names (and ads) in there, memories galore.








Jerry Brown sent in a photo this week of an old building, and he was wondering if anyone recognizes it?

Radium, Oklahoma. In Caddo county, five miles northeast of Gracemont. A post office from April 23, 1904 to August 14, 1905. No longer in existence. Named in honor of the then discovery of radium by Pierre and Marie Curie. -from Oklahoma Place Names
Diane Hall at the Election Board and brought some very tasty and different Christmas candy to the Commissioners Office this week to share. I had never eaten anything quite like it. Its just popcorn that’s been coated with Almond Bark (white chocolate). Diane just heated the almond bark a couple of minutes in the microware, then slowly dribbled it over the popcorn as she stirred it. You talk about a great tasting Christmas treat!
Ardmoreite Bob Kerr stopped by my office last week to share an old photograph. It is a wide angle photo of downtown Healdton from back in the 20s it looks like. I see Massads, Drake’s Jewelry, Schayes Hardware store, Harry Ables Shoes, W.H. Dixon Hardware and Furniture, the old Healdton OG&E building, and more in this old Healdton picture. What this photo shows, is how thriving Healdton was right after oil was discovered, and the boom that followed.



Ardmoreite Steve Hamm programmed a new webserver and installed it this week for Carter county assessor Kim Cain. Steve built the old webserver in 2000 when Sam West was assessor and its technology was so slow, a new one was needed to handle all people who log in each day to search property records, sometimes several dozen people at one time. With the old webserver, if a person searched for all the Jones who owned property in this county, about 300 of them, the computer would time out searching through the 30,000 plus records, and never complete the listing on screen. With this new webserver, I did a search for Jones and it displays all 300 of them in about 2 seconds or less. Now that is fast! Steve has really done a service for the people of this county who needs fast, free access to property records. The Assessor’s webserver is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The Wilson News submitted by Mindy Taylor
August, 4, 1915

Performs First Ceremony – Judge Dillard For First Time Speaks Magic Words Which Change A Twain To One

Simon Louis, the Man Made Happy by Wilson’s Kindly Judge Dillard has performed his first marriage ceremony, and the judge is feeling rather chesty over the success of his efforts.

Last Friday, Simon Louis, a full blood, came into the judge’s private office and after showing him the legal papers needed, stated that he desired the judge’s assistance in welding his heart and the heart of his inamorata into one piece of palpitating furniture.

Whether or not the judge was scared our deponent sayeth not, but he avers that he is now ready to practice on all the young, the middle aged and the old, who wish to swap single harness for double.

The Daily Ardmoreite 12-20-1918
Should Investigate Court House

During the session of district court yesterday, a piece of plaster, several feet in diameter, fell from the ceiling of the court room. No person was sitting where the plaster fell, but as it struck the empty benches it caused a great noise, interrupting the court proceedings for a time. Plaster has fallen from other portions of the building and it was suggested that the breaking of the plaster is probably the result of the shock of the explosion which wrecked so many buildings in Ardmore over three years ago (1915).

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

Q. Anyone know where Grisham, Oklahoma is located?

A. Gresham, Oklahoma: In southwest Cimarron County, 6 miles west of Felt (Oklahoma Panhandle). A post office from July 7, 1906 to October 13, 1913. No longer in existence, it was named for Vern E. Gregg, first postmaster.
Found this in response to the Ada pottery company mailbag question. Only a brief mention of the company in this video at about 6:35. The video was part of a series a friend of mine shot and produced for several years for the City of Ada. -David
I read with interest your article on Major and Mrs. Key with the Salvation Army. They also had a son, James Key, who was a member of the AHS Class of 1955. I had the good fortune to play football with him on the 1954 AHS team. He was very small, very tough, and one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. If anybody knows what James did after high school I would love to know. Thanks Butch— as usual you are doing a great service to us old Ardmoreites. -Keith Read
Hello, nice to ‘meet’ you.

Thank you for your time, work, and effort making your webpages.

I’m in search of any 1969 or later pictures of JESS MITCHELL MOTOR COMPANY AMC RAMBLER Dealership on north side street, 721 West Main Street, in Ardmore, is what I am seeking and hoping to find, now a vacant lot, but had been a bed and mattress store. Any images, advertisements, or other information about it, or maybe places to search for it, would be appreciated.

I am in West Virginia doing research on a special 1969 Drag Race Car, an AMC AMX Super Stock, that Jess Mitchell Motor Company sponsored, also involved with the car were Clyde & Sandra Copley, & Royce Vanbuskirk. Unfortunately I lack any information on Jessica and the Mitchell family.

C. Kevin T. – AMC Crazy – in WV. email: ckthomas@fuse.net

The car was a 1969 Hurst Super Stock AMX lettered ‘King Nash’. Attached 2 pictures of it, 1 at Ardmore Raceway, 1 later and painted differently at Clyde & Sandra Copley’s house at 1717 7th NW in Ardmore. Seeking period images of Jess Mitchell Motor Company building to put with the car images.


Next Wednesday is Christmas and from our house to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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