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Vol 24  Issue 1,226 July 23, 2020

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A Glimpse Into The Past

Medical Arts Clinic

In addition to this hospital and Memorial Hospital, Ardmore has a new osteopathic hospital. All three stay full as patients come from far and to avail themselves of the experience and skill of the fine men and women who staff them.

Besides the three main hospitals, many clinics have been set up in recent years.

The 1965 Ardmore telephone directory lists over 20 physicians. The Carter County Medical Society maintains on emergency exchange that knows the whereabouts of each doctor at all times. This is especially useful after office hours or on holidays.

In addition to these, there are nine dentists and four veterinarians.

There are four chiropractors, one chiropodist (foot specialist), four osteopaths, four optometrists and one naturopath.
-from Carter County History book 1957


May 1986
A County Commissioner has been given a nine-year sentence after he was convicted in November of mail fraud. Hollis Edward Callender, 46, has been ordered by the U.S. District Judge Frank Seay to serve one year for each of the counts. He is scheduled to begin serving his sentence at noon January 3rd.

May 1986
Fred Collins has been appointed District Attorney for the 30th Judicial District by Governor George Nigh. Collins has served as an assistant district attorney for 6 years.

May 1965
One of the big attractions at the modern supermarket, something the proprietor doesn’t even advertise, the grocery cart. So irresistible is the lure of this handy gadget that each year almost 1 million supermarket shoppers craftily stow the cart into their car along with the groceries. The carts cost $30 to $35 each, and more than 25 million dollars worth of them are pilfered each year.

May 1930
Consolidation of the Newport and Woodford school district has been temporarily halted as a result of a county commissioner vote. In the election the vote was 88 to 8 in favor of the consolidation, but Newport residents state several of the voters were not members of the school district and not entitled to a say in the matter.

May 1930
E. C. Powell entered a plea of guilty before a justice of the peace, and was fined $25 and cost for shooting quail on Sunday. He was caught by State Game Ranger, George Evans, who is attempting to eliminate the game hog and game law Violator.

May 1930
62 miners were imprisoned by an explosion. 57 bodies had been recovered by noon from the Old Town Coal Company’s mine in North McAlester. Bodies taken from the west side of the mine were bruised and burned while those recovered from the east part showed evidence of suffocation.

A marker I made this week.


Q.  Where in Oklahoma is the redneck capital of the world located.
A.  Erick, Oklahoma

Q.  What famous Apache leader was imprisoned at Ft Sill?
A.  Answer in next week’s newsletter

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of July 24, 2008

“Dear Butch, I ran across these photos of the Cameron refinery north of Ardmore.  They are from the late teens or early 20’s.  In the first photo you can see the Imperial Refinery in the upper left corner.  I believe the Imperial site is now a Superfund cleanup site.  They went bankrupt in 1934.  The Cameron refinery was bought by Wirt Franklin and became Bell Refining.  It is currently owned by Valero.  When it began operation, the capacity was 1,600 barrels per day.  Valero now claims it’s capacity as 85,000 barrels per day.” -Monroe Cameron

Last week Carter County Commissioner Bill McLaughlin’s road crew had been working out on Mt Washington Road near Caddo Creek.  They left a bulldozer nearby overnight, and when they returned the next morning someone had painted a water color of the bulldozer on cardboard.  The artist left their signature on the water color, and also a hand written note on the back that read:  “Keep up the good work”, with their initials underneath.  Now the mystery.  No one can read this artist signature, so maybe someone out there can look and tell us who night have painted it.  Whoever they are, they sure did a beautiful water color painting.

“Hi Butch and Jill, From this weeks T&T, the third of Duane Stephens’ pictures is a train hauling Rip Rap in Air Dump Cars. These cars are designed to dump rip rap or other stone materials to either side of the track to protect the road bed. During the 1957 flood, we used these cars to dump rip rap on the curve just south of the Big Canyon plant, in an effort to keep the track from washing out. The work crew dumped 7 cars while we loaded 7. This was repeated for 30 straight hours. We lost the battle and the river won. We lost the track and entire road bed but we gave it a heck of a try. Also from that T & T. I remember Buck Hale very well. My Big Canyon days were a very happy time in my life and I worked with some great people. I finished my working years in the Aggregate Sales Dept. for Dolese Bros Co, in Oklahoma City. I am attempting to attach a picture of the flood that I mentioned above.” -Roy Miller, Oklahoma City
“Hi Butch, Lately I’ve noticed several of your viewers mentioning the O’Savior farm in western Love County. This is indeed of interest to me. Frank O’Savior, who the farm belonged to at one time, is buried in the Eastman Cemetery which is located on the farm my husband and I now own. This land has been in my family since the early 1900’s. For those who may be interested his tombstone reads:

Frank O’Savior
50 Years Old
Died – Feb. 5, 1920

This cemetery is also in Love County, in the Eastman Community which is 12 miles northwest of Marietta. Anything I see about the O’Savior family is always of interest to me since Columbus (Tumby) O’Savior, a brother of Frank, lived with my family until his death in 1953 at the age of 103 years. He came to my family in 1936, a little broken up cowboy. He was very dear to me. My Dad remembers the time he first saw him, somewhere around 1926, when he came riding up, what is now known as Eastman Road, on a little spirited Indian pony. Underneath him was a beautiful Navajo blanket. My Dad said he was a sight to behold. He had worked at one time on the well known Washington Ranch which was located southwest of Marietta. Columbus could not read or write his name. He sat and rocked me many, many hours when I was a little girl. He died 1 month after I married and left home. That was in November 1953. I just thought I would like to share this with anyone who is interested in the O’Savior family.” -Betty Keller Rackley

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

Very interesting newsletter last week Butch. Thanks for your hard work – – you and Jill. The book by Dale and Rader looks so interesting. I wonder if the Cache River is really Cache Creek which runs through the Cache and Lawton areas. My husband Gary, who grew up in Lawton, says W. Cache Creek goes thru Cache and then turns SE to join E Cache Creek SE of Lawton to form Cache Creek which empties into the Red River S of Waurika. Both E and W Cache Creek start in the Wichita Mountains. It is a really large creek where it dumps into the Red River. There is a mountain in the Wichita Mountains named after Captain Marcy. It is 2-3 miles west of Mt. Scott. -Gary and Nancy Wilson
Butch, Noticing an inquiry from Elizabeth regarding a café near the court house in the 30’s or 40’s, our neighbor, Ms. Annie Garrison ran a café for a period in the 2 story brick building in mid block directly across the street west of the court house. I can’t recall how long it operated, but was in the mid 40’s. -Virgil Harris AHS ’47
American Life 1940-1942


Whether the weather is cold
Whether the weather is hot
We’ll have to whether the weather
Whether we like it or not

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

“Friends Make Life Worth Living”PO Box 2
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