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Vol 26 Issue 1,316 April 14, 2022

I was searching for something the other day in my archives and ran across the link below. I had bookmarked it on my PC several years ago and forgotten about it. It is a wealth of Carter county history. Its 130 pages entitled Carter County Then and Now by Bob Burke and Eric Dabnet and commissioned by the Great Southwest Historical Museum. There is so much history a person can not go through it in one setting. But well worth the time from cover to cover.


When I was a teenager my mother told me my grandparents house where I was raised from age 6 months old to 21 years old had a fire. The fire was confined to the front room and dining room mostly. She said it was Christmas time and my cousin, Howard Heath (grandfather Stanley Carmon’s sister’s son) was visiting from McAllen, Texas. It was after Christmas day but the tree was still up in the living room. Howard was using his thumbnail to light his cigar, the head broke off and flew into the Christmas tree, sitting the tree on fire. This week I found in the newspaper archives the story of the Carmon Christmas tree fire back in January 1922.


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How long has it been since you checked your name or a family member’s name? Its easy to do a search at the Oklahoma State Treasurer link below. I think every state in the union has a unclaimed property website through the respective state treasures website.

Q.  What animal bones were found at the Domebo site?
A.   Mammoth bones in Caddo county

Q.  Where is the largest fabric warehouse In Oklahoma located, a crafter’s dream come true?
A.  Answer in next week’s newsletter

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

W.R. Moore residence at 626 Stanley in Ardmore, Indian Territory -Robert Hensley

Note: 3rd & North Washington, the old train engine on track north side of the station and a garage or barn behind the Buck Garrett boarding house on the left side of photo. -Robert Hensley
North Washington street and Main street showing Elks lodge in center on corner of Broadway and North Washington street. Ardmore, Ok. circa 1908 -Robert Hensley

Below is from This and That newsletter archives of April 15, 2010

March 6, 1970 The Wilson Post: A District Court hearing was in progress this afternoon at 2:00 o’clock in Murray County to see whether or not a court injunction order be granted at the request of Gov. Dewey Bartlett to padlock Turner Falls Park for the weekend. It would be removed Monday noon. Officers said “Hippies” were gathering at the popular Southern Oklahoma park in defiance of a court injunction order granted last week blocking the Rock Music Festival previously set for August 8 and 9. It was learned that 300 National Guardsmen from McAlester were at the park, supported by another 100 state patrolmen and 20 crime bureau men.
July 13, 1944 The Daily Ardmoreite: The first map made of the city of Ardmore was made by W.S. Crockett, who celebrated his 80th birthday anniversary last Thursday. His map was made the official map of the Chickasaw Townsite and it was the first map ever to be made of the city.
“Hey Butch. I hope you have been doing well. I was looking on Oklahoma History and I saw your comment on horny toads. Well I am nearly 31 years old, and I have lived in Lone Grove nearly my whole life. A friend and I used to catch horny toads a lot back in the early to mid 90’s. We would just go out in, what was then kind of a pasture, on the north side of my house, and on the west side of the north part of the EZ Mini Storage, and we would see a lot of horny toads. I guess we mainly did that in about 1993 or 1994. And I would see a horny toad fairly often over the years on the lot on the west side of my house (on the east side of the building where Trisha’s Day Care is now. I have a picture of my mom holding a horny toad I caught there in 1994 or 1995. I haven’t seen any horny toads in years, but the landscape and everything here sure has changed in the last 10 to 15 years. I just wanted to share this with you.” -Roy Snelson

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. -Jimmy Dean

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

“Friends Make Life Worth Living”Ardmore, Oklahoma


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