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Vol 26 Issue 1,317 April 21, 2022

This week’s newsletter will be a short one. My new website is still under construction, fine tuning and cosmetic changes. We’ve had one technical problem after another, but we are making progress. So bear with us until its all done.

 A Glimpse Into The Past

 Three R’s in a wagon

Mrs Nora Hoffman says that the first school in Ardmore was conducted in a covered wagon by Mrs. Will Robinson. At  times of heavy enrollment as many as three or four wagons would be lined up with the children seated on benches along the sides and I stole going in the center. Tom Frensley was one of those these pupils. New paragraph this was in the days when a few homes dotted the landscape and were connected by unpaved streets full of holes and always either mud bogs or the cause of  dust clouds when traffic winded through them or when the wind blew. -Carter County History Book 1957

Q.  Where is the largest fabric warehouse In Oklahoma located, a     crafter’s dream come true?
A. The Fabric Factory in Oklahoma City at 1421 NW 23rd Street.

 Q.  In the 1920s where in Oklahoma did a Chinese underground society once exist in tunnels?
 A.  Answer in next week’s newsletter

            Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..     

Healdton: This was taken in September 2020. I managed to have my phone with me at the time. I was checking my flowerbed and noticed movement. I looked and saw the little guy. It was the length and size of my thumb. When I moved to Healdton in 2018 , I saw an adult horned lizard in my backyard. I quit using chemicals to try and preserve their habitat so they had a chance of survival. Maybe it helped. -Sharon
When I was in college in Weatherford, my best friend, John Murphey, and I used to crow hunt around Fort Cobb Lake and I remember being in Washita and hearing about the digs there and the mammoth bones found in the area. I had completely forgotten about that until I read last week’s T&T. -Monroe

        Below is from This and That newsletter archives of April 22, 2010

    March 6, 1970 The Wilson Post: A  District Court hearing was in progress this afternoon at 2:00 o’clock in Murray County to see whether or     

    “Butch, I buy the Absorbine Gel at Tractor Supply (in Ardmore) for $10.”
“Howdy Butch, greetings from San Antonio, Texas. Several years ago my wife and I discovered Absorbine Gel was great for immediate relief of rheumatoid pain. An excellent hair conditioner is “Mane n Tail.” Use of the hair conditioner results in silky hair, a result that women seek. We buy both items at a local feed store.”
         “Butch, I forgot to tell you. Isabel Greenberg Oscherwitz, daughter to Max     Greenberg, and her family came to eat brunch with us at The Cellar at Main     Street Wine Depot last Sunday. When she entered the building she became very     emotional, then said “this was my father’s building”.  I knew immediately     who she was and gave her the grand tour along with several old photos I’ve     collected of the surrounding buildings.  She spoke of the tunnels and the     “interesting” people that traveled them!
    She was impressed at what we have done to the building and was happy that we had maintained the history and  had tried to keep everything looking     authentic. The panes of glass that spell out Greenberg’s Jewelry are currently in my office along with the original Greenberg sign that hung on the outside of the building.  (I thank Stephen Harris for that original sign).  She said her father would be proud that we won “Best Interior Renovation of a Historic Building in Oklahoma for 2009” (award presented by Dept of Commerce & Oklahoma Main Street Program).
    She was also able to solve the mystery of the name “The Fair” on the back of     the building. She explained when electricity and water were available to     downtown Ardmore, 20 additional feet were added to the north end of the     building and this space was leased as a general merchandise store (she     believed it had women’s clothes).  
    I found her to be a delightful and beautiful woman.  Her grandson took     many pictures. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me that day, but     they promise to send me copies. -Jadean Fackrell, Main Street Wine Depot

Butch and Jill Bridges
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