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Vol 26 Issue 1,325 June 16, 2022


Jan 9, 1913 – The Daily Ardmoreite; GERONIMO”S BAND DWINDLES TO SIX Last Remnants of Famous Fighting Indian Force Are Few In Number

Washington- Of the Apache Indians held as prisoners of war at Fort Sill, Oklahoma 176 have elected to remove to the Mescalero Indian reservation in southern New Mexico, while the remaining 88 will take up their residence among the Kiowa and Comanche in Oklahoma, says an official report submitted to Acting Indian Commissioner Abbott by the committee appointed to take up the matter, composed of Col H. L. Scott, representing the War Department; H. S. Phillips, the board of Indian Commissioners; and C. L. Ellis, the interior department. The Apaches have been prisoners of war since Geronimo’s surrender in 1886.

Chief Geronimo’s widow has decided to go to the Mescalero reservation where a daughter of the famous Indian lives.

Only six members of the original band which followed Geronimo in his warpath days remain, and they wiill go to Mescalero. They are Christian Naiche, age 56; Beche, 75; Leon Ferico, 60; Calvin Zehonne, 47; Yar-N-Seha, 47; and Tiss-Nolth-Tos, 47.

As the $200,000 appropriated at the last session will not be sufficient to provide for the moving and getting lands for all the Apaches, congress will be asked to make an additional appropriation of about $100,000. It is planned to move as many next spring as the money already available for the purpose will permit.


Q. When did Stromberg-Carlson at the airpark open and close?
A. Opened in September 1964 and utilized 5 buildings at the airpark. Closed in 1982.

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG….

Good Monday morning from a hot southern Oklahoma.  Have a better understanding on the location of the Schayes Store in Healdton.  I contacted a friend that grew up in Healdton with me for his opinion.  The store appears to be located at the southeast corner of what is now 4th and Main (State Hwy 76). The store that has Massads was later Collier Bro’s Furniture and Hardware.  The last Massads Department store would be directly across the street from Drakes.  Directly across the street from Schayes to the north was the Bank of Healdton.  The only stoplight in Healdton is at that intersection.  Lewis Magneto was in the Schayes location during the 50s and 60s.  Winston’s Pharmacy went in later and now a restaurant that went out of business due to water damage.  It is empty.  Hope this helps.  If I can be of more assistance let me know. -Vince Freeman

 thought you may be interested in David Yarrow’s photograpy.  He has done some work on Ted Turner’s ranch here and we’ve had opportunities to spend a little time with him when he is in town.  He published a large format book of some of his work a couple of years ago. -Monroe

Your question about the state rock caught my attention this week.  I attending OU as a graduate student in the early 70s and with a friend, Rod Talley, started an entertainment paper called THE ROSE ROCK REVUE.  The owner of a musical instrument shop on the corner of Buchanan and White Streets in Norman gave us the name for the paper and showed us a rose rock.  The cover of the inaugual issue carried a photo of Willie Nelson because he was the headliner at the second concert at the Lloyd Noble Center on campus.  Lawence Welk played the first concert at the Lloyd Noble Center.  
I no longe remember the name of the music store owner but Alan Munde and Bryan Berline used to be in the store all the itme.  Great memories.
-Monroe Cameron

Q. OK, not to question your answer but what where the 14 flags?
-R. J. Woodbridge DVM

A. Visual story of the 14 flags over Oklahoma

From my Vol 3, Issue119 June 19, 1999 newsletter

We had an unexpected surprise at the courthouse this week. A lady in a wheelchair by the name of Linda Radake brought 100 new, freshly ironed, white linen hankerchiefs and gave one to each of the employees! She just wanted to do something for the workers there.

n central Oklahoma, about 20 miles west of Pauls Valley is the town of Lindsay. In Lindsay is the old Murray-Lindsay Mansion. It was home to Frank Murray, his Choctaw wife, Alzira, and their eight children.

“Hey Butch, you know what?, It’s great to have the return of passenger service by train to Ardmore, isn’t it? We all appreciate the coming of Amtrak & what it will mean to the State of Oklahoma & Ardmore. Here is a case of where the voice of the people was heard through the efforts of politics. But you know what else Butch? The romance is just not their. It’s the things that are missing that the people of today’s generation do not experience. I did not hear the persistent clang of the bell as the train came into the station…and how it rang constantly all the time it was at the depot & as it left…..the blare of the whistle & the roar of the engine would drown out the sound of the bell anyway. Where is the caboose? What happened to the man with the 3 foot long oil can that went around oiling all the working parts on the engine? Did anyway call out “All a-board”? Did you see a slot anywhere to drop your letter in? I didn’t see the tall baggage cart, with the long tongue, which was used to pull it along when the baggage was loaded & unloaded. Hey, I even missed the smoke that we once saw with the old steam locomotive. Did you see a Pullman car, a baggage car, anyone wearing a striped cap & wearing overalls? To the people of my generation, the thrill of the return of passenger service just seemed to pale when we realized that the romance was just not there. Anyway, it’s good to be back on the map.”

Once a month at the County Commissioners Office here we have a little get together to honor everyone who has a birthday in that month. The party is usually made up of those who work in the Annex Building next door to the courthouse. We have the “party” during the lunch hour and this past Friday was the day. A week or so before the BD party, we post a “To Bring” list, and everyone writes in what they intend to bring for food. I think we all eat too much, stuffed until we can hardly go back to work. hahahaha But everyone has a great time, a wee break for one hour, and just plain old good fellowship. At least we get the weekend to rest up from all the eating!

Q.   What is Oklahoma’s state rock?
A. Butch, we used to live east of Noble, so we know it’s the Rose Rock Capital of the world. -Carol Wise

Q.   What was the hottest recorded ever recorded in Oklahoma?
A. Answer in next week’s newsletter

This heat coupled with humidity is terrible. I can’t stress enough, after 16 years on the ambulance, how important it is to be careful. Drink plenty of water, and take breaks when needed. You don’t want heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

See everyone next Thursday!

Butch and Jill Bridges
236 Timber Road
Ardmore, Oklahoma