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Vol 26 Issue 1,338 Sept 22, 2022

February 4, 1954 Paris, Texas 
Mrs Reed Ward dies here today 

Mrs. Reed Ward (b. Sept 29,1887) , 67, of Idabel, Oklahoma, the former Salisainey Jones, reputedly the richest woman of the Choctaw nation, died in the sanitarium of Paris, Texas Thursday about 2:00 a.m.

She was well known for her generosity with for her wealth, for she had reared not only her 13 brothers and children but 13 children of her own and had adopted or reared 14 others.

Coffey funeral home at Idabel, Oklahoma has charged with arrangements for the services which have not been announced.

1914 map of the Healdton Oil Field

The Ardmore Statesman
August 8, 1908
Catholic Hospital

Preparations made for the building of institution in this city

Land has been purchased in this city for the erection of a Catholic hospital, which will be built as soon as arrangements can be made for securing the requisite number of hospital sisters. The Very Reverend Francis Brockmeir, after a visit with Father Wallrapp of this city, has gone to various southern cities in search of sisters for the work.

Although the Catholics own 5 acres of land northwest of the city the exact location for the hospital has not been definitely decided upon. It is possible that this site will be used eventually for an orphans home, or for that reason another location may be chosen for the hospital. Local physicians naturally prefer having one closer to the city, and it is likely that the wishes of the doctors on the subject will be considered before the matter is decided.

The Ardmore Daily Press
July 24, 1924
Reck School Files Petition Yesterday For Consolidation
Ask to become affiliated with Zaneis School, will be granted.

A petition from the Reck School district for the school to become affiliated with the consolidated School district of Zaneis was filed yesterday in the office of County Superintendent A. E. Dickson, according to the announcement made last night. While not yet having been signed by the County Superintendent, indications are that he will fix his signature to the petition today.

The Brewer Tree is located in the NW corner of Stanley and South Commerce. This Chinese Elm tree was planted by Barbara Brewer back in the fifties as a sapling in recognition of the kids (baby boomers) growing up in that area.

Here’s a picture I took in Sept 2019 of the Brewer tree.

Below is a picture of the old plaque you see in the photo above. The old plaque has been donated to the Greater Southwest Historical Museum in Ardmore.

Below is the new plaque installed this week.

And this a photo I today today of the tree in the NW corner of Stanley and South Commerce.

Q.  Where in Oklahoma is the Healing Rock located?
A.  Skaitook, Oklahoma

Q. Who was the young lady with 3 children who disappeared in May 2012 in Oklahoma and has never been found?
A. Answer in next week’s newsletter

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG….

A history of Dog Trade Day – Est 1958 at Sulphur, Oklahoma
“So I touched on our beginnings, which brought lots of questions I’ll try to fill in some details. Some is definitely before my time and I’m sure y’all can help me. The original location was behind his Fina service station on Broadway directly south of the Sulphur High School. The Chamber of Commerce currently sits here. In the 1970 flood of Rock Creek, Papa lost about everything: dogs, mules, feed, gasoline (he said he had tanks filled just the day prior). He started to outgrow his property.

He then moved the trade to a spot that he rented just north of current location owned by Miss Nelson. At this point in time it was held once a month. After outgrowing that spot he moved a little further north on Petty Road where he rented a space along Rock Creek. Some of the old pictures and magazine articles show some pretty big gatherings here. He then returned to Miss Nelson’s in the late 70s. He purchased land for our current location in 1980 on Rock Creek again. For some reason he just couldn’t get away from the creek. At this point we ran twice a month on 2nd and 4th Sunday. He soon switched to every Sunday because “ it’s just too damn difficult to figure out”. It was still just a hobby for him. I’m sure if not for Geneva he would have starved.

Over time there were a few tries for trading on Saturday also but there just wasn’t enough interest.

We have been fortunate enough to expand the current location 4 times.

I purchased it from my grandparents in summer of 2002. If you knew Bill Bivens then you understand, yes, I not only had to pay for it, I had to outbid his best offer. After the handshake he did drop $10,000 as my “inheritance“. I always figured I bid $10,000 too much. 😀

20 years later we are still here providing everyone an opportunity to trade on just about anything.” –Wes and Tammy Bivens

The Dog Trade began when hunters gathered to trade coon hounds, mules, knives and guns at Papa’s service station in downtown Sulphur. We are owned and operated by the same family since 1958. We run it just like Papa did. No gimmicks. No pony rides or bounce houses just country folks “trading” under 10 acres of beautiful shade trees. We will fill it up and then some, cars will be lined up along the highway waiting for the 6am opening. Every Sunday year round no exceptions. Vendors only $15 pay at gate Sunday morning. Public admission is $5 per car to park.

Chris “Dirtroad” Davis retired from Carter County District 1

It’s here…. the price is $20.00 which covers shipping. Please include your mailing address.

ALL proceeds will be deposited into the “Georgia Lynn Henry Gates St Crispin’s Camp Scholarship fund. -Bob Gates, email: [email protected]

Regarding the old Wilson that was SE of Ardmore, attached is a 1905 map that shows it. You might have seen it. Notice the County names for the proposed State of Sequoyah. There are other maps too. -Richard Craven

Some of Brown Springs right below the hill. Just read your newsletter webpage about it. Interesting stuff. These picture taken in April 2022. -Jade

Main street looking east, Ardmore, Ok, circa 1958 -Robert Hensl

Tivoli theatre on fire back in 1964 downtown Ardmore, Ok. -Robert Hensley

Below is from my Vol 3, Issue 127 September 25, 1999 newsletter:

Charlie lives in the Mojave desert. Six miles from his house in the middle of nowhere is a bullet riddled telephone booth. For a long time now, Charlie stops at the payphone to answer the hundreds of calls it receives daily…. people calling from all over the world, just to call Charlie and see how its going in the middle of the Mojave desert in CA. Charlie is fast becoming an international celebrity! The number is 760-733-9969. When I get hold of Charlie, and find out the latest, I’ll let everyone know… hope the line ain’t busy! haha
UPDATE: I called the number this week and got a recording the number has been changed. The recording says: “Press 1 though 9 for conference.” I don’t know what that is all about.

This is the tower clock in front of the Garfield County Courthouse in Enid, Oklahoma. I wonder how old the clock is? I assume it rings out the time? Does anyone know about this clock? NOTE: As best I can tell from recent photos on the internet, the tower clock has been removed from in front of the courthouse.

“Well Butch: Looks like all through these years I have been living under the allusion that the east side of the old building on the NW corner of Caddo & Main was badly damaged upstairs & therefore the brick replaced the sand stone in the 2nd floor level. Although the picture makes it appear sound, I still believe the damage was worse than it appears & caused the upper structure to be redone in brick. Actually the picture in this weeks T&T, also shows that the Whittington Hotel, which was across Main street to the south, appears to be in recoverable shape. But, Mrs Whittington told me that the uppermost part of that building was so badly damaged that those floors were removed and the Hotel was renamed “THE NEW WHITTINGTON HOTEL”. That name remained on the old building until it was closed & dismantled many years ago. I remember the Whittington Hotel served many people that were arriving on the train. It was very plush and also accommodated many a traveling salesman that remained loyal throughout its remaining years. Now, for the so called old Hardy Hospital building, its lower floor on the west side of the stairs housed a cafe known as the Innman Inn when I first knew of it. The east side of the down stairs, housed Drug stores for most, if not all, of its years… That part of the building was leased at the time of the Explosion (1915) by Mr. Adcock, an old-time Pharmacist. Mr. Adcock told me that at the time of the explosion, all of his fixtures fell face down to the middle of the floor. He leased the Drugstore from a Mr. Ramsey who would only lease the Store for 5 years at a time. Mr. Adcock said that after he suffered through the damage of the explosion & his 5 years time was up, that Mr. Ramsey would not renew his lease. Years later, in the 1930’s, my Dad acquired interest in the McCan & Stewart Drug Store which was in that building. Mr. Ramsey’s estate still owned the place & Dad continued to lease from his daughter for the rest of his life. The Drug Store went under the name of Martin Drug Co. until his death in 1968. The Pharmacy is now gone & the building remains empty at this time.”

A friend posted while ago her vacuum cleaner sparked and blew up, thought she was going to die. It reminds me of years ago responding to an emergency in the ambulance. So long ago I can’t even remember what part of town, might as well the location. Anyway the 25ish lady was standing on a chair vacuuming her curtains in the front room. All of a sudden she couldnt breath, thought she was having a heart attack, Nope, after xrays it was a collapse lung. The doc put a chest tube in, let her lung pump back up, and she was ok then. Crazy things can happen.

“Here’s a picture of the Ardmore balloon Kaleidoscope being filled at the Campflite balloon meet at Western Lodge on Ft. Gibson Lake near Wagoner, OK. Aug 27th, 28th, and 29th (1999). The picture was taken by team member Barbara Riley of Ardmore. Hope you can add these to your ‘This ‘n That’ newsletter. Thanks for all your hard work putt’n your newsletter together and sending it out to all us ‘Okies’. Keep it up!!!!! from a fellow history buff.. near Russett… Jerry Dodds

Last week my beloved 1974 Chevrolet C10 pickup almost met its Waterloo. It was parked on the east side of the courthouse and the workers who are cleaning the Dome, lost a wire brush off their electric cleaner. It fell, striking my windshield. But everything worked out. I had a new windshield in a few hours paid for by the County Commissioners.

Anybody else ever have white walls back in the 1970s like I did?

No wait, not all week was bad. A friend at the courthouse had a 1.44 diskette crash on which 20 or so important documents were stored. I was able to recover nearly every file using Norton Utilities. She was so happy she brought me a coconut cream pie! Friends, they make life worth living.

The pissimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optomist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. -Winston Churchill

See everyone next Thursday!

Butch and Jill Bridges
236 Timber Road
Ardmore, OK 73401