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Vol 26 Issue 1,345 November 10, 2022


Ardmore organized its fire department in 1896 after the great fire of 1895 and a second fire east of the tracks in 1896. Although the community had no legal right to set up a fire department, 25 volunteers under Chief J. S. O’Mealy began training. Businessmen put up money for a steamer, which was used until 1915, and was it was placed into storage. -Above photo courtesy of the Main Street Authority

On dispaly at the Greater Southwest Historical Museum in Ardmore, Oklahoma

Three Attack Deputy Sheriff
The Daily Ardmoreite
March 31, 1927 

 Cecil Crosby finally subdued two men and one woman and arrested them. 

Cecil Crosby, deputy sheriff, today was nursing wounds he received in a fight with two men and a woman on the Madill-Ardmore highway near the negro cemetery approximately 1 mile east of the city, late yesterday.

 According to Crosby, the three were driving a wagon along the center of the payment, running automobiles off of the concrete. The horses, he said, we’re being driven as fast as they could run. 

When he stopped them and climbed into the wagon to arrest them, Crosby said, they refused to be arrested and started fighting him. He shot once and then hit one of the men on the head with is gun. The blow jammed his gun and he had to discard it and depend on his fist for protection.

During the afray the woman struck Crosby across the neck and shoulders with a piece of cord wood. It took Crosby several minutes to curb the three, but finally succeeded in forcing them to arrest after both of the men had been knocked unconscious.

The two men and Crosby were given medical treatment by physicians today. According to Crosby the persons were H. B. Berry, his Indian wife, in an Indian given his name as Willis. All three are in jail.

They were said to have been drunk when the afray occurred. Bob Short, deputy sheriff, arrived at the scene as Crosby succeeded in bringing them under control. Berry was said to have been the most seriously injured.

Below is a link to the Visitors Registery at the Ardmore Airpark memorial site I’ve uploaded this week. I tired my best to put them in cronological order, but impossible to do since people signed on different page dates/lines where others signed maybe years ago.

Visitors Registration book sign-ins from 2000 to 2022

Q. Where in Oklahoma is a kiddie amusement park hiding that’s affordable and filled with hours and hours of fun?
A.  Kiddie Park is located in Bartlesville at 205 North Cherokee Avenue

Q. What Oklahoma abandoned school was used as a biological weapons test site?
A. Answer in next week’s newsletter

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG….

For those who miss them good Ol’ Ponder’s Super Dogs, below is a knockoff recipe that’s pretty darn close to the original. -Larry Paul

Homemade Super Dog/Corn Dog Recipe

Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 20 mins
Total Time: 40 mins
Servings: 16 Yield: 16 Super Dogs
1 cup yellow cornmeal
1 cup all-purpose flour
¼ cup white sugar
4 teaspoons baking powder
¼ teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
⅛ teaspoon black pepper
1 cup buttermilk
1 egg
2 tablespoons honey
3-4 tablespoons corn starch
1 quart vegetable oil for deep frying
2 (16 ounce) packages of the best all beef frankfurters you can get
16 wooden skewers (If you can’t find them locally you can order them online)
1 tall drinking glass

1. Whisk cornmeal, flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, black pepper and baking soda, together in larger bowl.
2. In separate bowl, whisk buttermilk, honey and egg together.
3. Slowly whisk the buttermilk mixture into cornmeal mixture until combined nice and smooth with no lumps 
4. Let batter set at room temperature until needed; it will thicken slightly.
5. Meanwhile, heat oil in Dutch oven over medium-high heat to 350°F
6. Line a plate with paper towels.
7. Thread frankfurter onto wooden skewers.
8. Pat the frankfurter dry and lightly coat with the corn starch, brushing off excess.
9. Just before oil is hot, stir batter to recombine. Transfer half of batter to tall drinking glass leaving about a 2-inch head space (be sure the glass is deeper than the frankfurters is long)
10. Working with 1 frankfurter at a time, submerge in batter using skewer as handle, and twirl to coat completely.
11. Remove frankfurter from batter twirling it while allowing excess batter to drip back into glass
12. Gently drop into the hot oil; be sure the frankfurter is totally submerged, repeat immediately with 3 more frankfurters
13. Fry frankfurter, turning occasionally with tongs, until deep golden, 4-6 minutes.
14. Transfer Super Dog to the paper towel-lined plate and let drain.
15. Repeat with remaining batter and frankfurters, adjusting heat as needed to maintain the 350-degree temperature.

Do not use stone-ground or coarsely ground cornmeal. Aunt Jemima Yellow Corn Meal works fine.

I see it hard to Copy the recipe for printing out on paper. This file can be downloaded and prints correctly

Here is a jacket from Callaham, Vaughan, and Crosby Ford Motors, Ardmore and has F. Vaughan written on tag inside jacket, Was this from Crosby motor company in Ardmore?

This is a jacket has Coachmen, Ardmore on it with the name Fillmore on the front. Who or what are the Coachmen? anyone know? -Robert Hensley

The Coachmen was a “car club” in the early 1960’s… Gary Jackson, Don Godwin, and I were members as were others whose names I’ve forgotten. -Bob Gates

Fillmore Vaughan Sr. was a member of the Coachmen auto club. -Wendall Ritchey

Roger Beard and Quentin Thomas were also members of this car club. They were AHS Class of 1962. -Bobbye Smith

Info on Fillmore Vaughn Sr:
Lakeview Golf Club, located in Ardmore, is a 18 hole Public course. From the back tees, the course plays over 6881 yards with a slope of 114. Lakeview was designed by Fillmore Vaughan and opened in 1975.

Below is from my Vol 3, Issue 133 November 13, 1999 newsletter:

The Bogus Check Division of the DAs Office here has now moved into their new offices in the Colston Building. CableOne of Ardmore put in the fiber optic lines as a public service so the ladies could have access to their data at the courthouse one block away via the computer network. This makes at least the third time CableOne has helped Carter County Government at no charge. They just may have turned us into the largest data network in the area, connecting all our downtown buildings with fiber cabling. A big “Thank You” to General Manager David Wall, employees Bill Reynolds, Virgil and the rest of the gang at CableOne of Ardmore for making it all possible!

“I don’t have a clue as to the actual history or age of the KVSO building but this much I can tell you from memory. Before it was used for a radio station it had been commonly referred to as “Home Beautiful”. It was a private residence and in fact, as a boy, I had a friend that lived there by the name of Elmer Moore. When the building was used as the KVSO studio, what is now known as NW Blvd. was commonly referred to as KVSO road.”

“Butch I just got up, turned on the coffee pot and the computer, downloaded my e-mail and starting reading your T&T news letter. Checked out the picture that your friend took with her digital camera while visiting Brown’s Springs. Butch, there is something to this place. And from my 6th sense, It’s not a good feeling that I am picking up from there. My first impression is that it has ET presence there. The reason that I say this is from the ‘image’ that continues to appear. I would be curious to know if in your picture and then again compared to her’s, is the image appearing in the same spot or is it a random thing? Only appearing in the area the picture was taken or related to the whole area?”

“…And, saw the part about strange goings on in Coalgate and Hornet. I never heard of Hornet, but we had some strange lights in Bold Springs, Oklahoma which is north and east of Milburn. Sometime at night strange lights would appear with no known explanation. Haven’t been back that way in years, so don’t know if it still happens. If you have readers in or around Tishomingo/Milburn area, maybe they could update us….”

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
—Frederick Douglass

See everyone next Thursday!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Ardmore, OK