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Vol 27 Issue 1,355 January 19, 2023


The Daily Press
Ardmore, Oklahoma
Sunday, March 29, 1925


Only Dealer in Auto Replacement Supplies in This Section of State

The Stroman Motors Supply Co., located at 224 West Main street, Ardmore, is the only jobber of automobile replacement supplies in Southern Oklahoma. The business was started by E. J. Stroman and W. C. Davis in January 1923. They began in a small way and their business has grown to be a fair sized wholesale house. They have built up a reputation in the Ardmore trade territory for giving service and for fair dealing.

Mr. Stroman says that although their business has grown continually, yet they are still operating at a loss. This was expected. It takes several years to get a jobbing business on a paying basis. However, as expressed by Mr. Davis if their already long list of customers and friends increase during 1925 as it did in 1924 The Stroman Motor Co., should go safety over the top by the end of 1925, and Southern Oklahoma can boost of having a real wholesale automobile replacement supply house.

These men belong to the Chamber of Commerce. They are shouldering their share of the church and civic work. They merit success. And it is believed the business men and citizens of Ardmore and Southern Oklahoma will give them their hearty support.

In 1928 Stroman Motors location was 224 West Main in Ardmore.

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG….

I found your site on a search for information about the modern Stonehenge-like structure near Ardmore but although the search shows a picture of it by you, when I clicked on the link I didn’t find it. Do you have information about that structure posted anywhere? Or could you tell me a little about it?

I usually ask questions such as, Who built it and when? Why, or what inspired or motivated them? Had they been to Stonehenge in England? What material did they use? Was it local stone? Thank you for any light you can shed on this. Best wishes,

Nancy Wisser

From my Aug 28, 2014 newsletter:
England and their Stonehenge has nothing on Oklahoma. I found out we have a Stonehenge and its right here in Carter County a few miles NW of Ardmore.

Here are the directions given to me: “You go north on Kings Road from Highway 70 all the way to Lake Scott King turnoff. Turn left (west) Acorn Road. It winds around to the west and this place is between Kings Road and Deese Road.”

Ardmoreite Robert Hensley sent in a couple of neat photos this week of Main Street Ardmore. This first one is the fire at the City Drug Store fire at Main and North Washington Streets.

This second photo is looking east down Main Street in the 200 block.

Can anyone who attended Charles Evans elementary help me? I found this in my mother’s pictures and my memory is about gone. Can anyone identify the teacher or grade? Also if you can identify any of the kids, I’d appreciate that also. I’m fifth from the left in the middle row. Ron Morrison is right of the teacher in the back row. -Sam Cockran

The newspapper clipping below was sent in by Judy Woerz this week of an old friend of mine (now decease) Buddy McLaine. Actually he was even a better friend of my cousin, Jerry Carmon, they ran around together a lot in the 1960s. Buddy just referred to Jerry as “Carmon” when we talked about old times.

Below is from my Vol 4, Issue 143 January 15, 2000 newsletter:

Here’s a pic of Ardmore High School in 1927.

This is a photo of the Country Club in 1927.

A 1927 photo of the refinery.

A photo of downtown Ardmore in 1927.

In 1927 Ardmore had a population of 20,000. So since 1927 Ardmore hasn’t grown a lot. We also had 35 miles of paved roads, 40 miles of sewer lines, and 40 miles of water mains. We had 4 banks, 8 public schools, 22 churches, and 1 business academy. 15 hotels, 4 railroads, 3 newspapers, 4 fishing and hunting clubs, 4 cotton gins, a cotton compress, a cotton seed oil mill, a flour mill, and a pure bred cotton seed house. 8 public schools, 4 banks, a pecan cracking machine factory, 2 golf courses, a country club, a creamery, 2 bottle works, 2 hospitals, a Public Farm Market, 3 oil refineries, Southern Oklahoma State Fair and Western Association Baseball.

“Friends Are Priceless” -Butch Bridges

See everyone next Thursday!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Ardmore, OK