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Vol 27 Issue 1,369 April 27, 2023

Above is St Mary’s Catholic Church that opened this frame structure in 1901. At far left, behind the church, is the new brick, three story Third Ward school, Lincoln, which was built in 1903. After the frame church was replaced by the current sanctuary, the church built an addition to the north, which was a Catholic school, then called Episcopal school, and Take Two Alternative School. -Courtesy of Sally Gray

Below is a photo of the Ravia, Oklahoma depot when the “iron horse” was king.

1910 – Most doctors at this time were generalist, but circumstances also called upon them to be surgeons, and they made house calls. After Ardmore incorporated in 1899, Dr Walter Hardy served on the City of Ardmore Board of Health. He saw technology in medicine such as modern surgeries, ambulances, and even a flying ambulance service that he owned. Typically a doctor charged 50 cents a mile for house calls. (Courtesy of Sally Gray)

A friend mailed me a package a few months ago. Inside was a paper tube not much bigger aound then a paper towel tube. Inside the tube, rolled up, was a 3 and 1/2 foot long photograph from the 1930s. As you can imagine it was all broken up with cracks in the photograph being rolled up so tight. My first thought, it’s ruined. But soaking the photograph in water, flatting it out, keeping pressure on it until it’s dry, I was able to save it. I glued it to a wood board. Turned out nice. The photograph was taken in front of the Carter County Courthouse with all these men standing in front. I do not know who the men are maybe attorneys (there were lots of attorneys in Ardmore back in those days). In the back is this one lady. who the granddaughter, Dana Capshaw, confirmed the lady is her grandmother, Florence Revelle. Florence is the first woman admitted to the Carter County Bar Association. I cropped out Florence Revelle in the picture below.

The above picture was taken by my friend , Tommy Elmore, in 1986. We both grew up in the 3rd and H Street NE neighborhood as kids. The barn was located on D Street NE just 1/2 block north of East Main Street behind the old Kenneth Chandler’s gas station. In the late 1960s I’d ride my 305cc Honda Superhawk motorcycle by the horse lot and see the horses. The old barn is still standing and horses in the corral.

I am so proud of the new Seaman First Class Billy Turner State Veterans Cemetery at Ardmore, Oklahoma. Billy Turner joined the Navy at age 20 and was one of the 429 soldiers killed aboard the USS Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor. What a beautiful final resting place to honor those who served in our Armed Services. If you have not visited this sacred ground, do so, you will be proud too. Several of those listed below have been my life long friends dating back to the early 1970s.

Before Ardmore incorporated, churches were building and strengthening the fabric of society. Prior to 1887, circuit riding preachers brought the word to southern Pickens county. By 1888, a 12 member Methodist congregation met as the Broadway Methodist Church with pastor Lewis H. Stuckey as the first full-time minister. The church was organized in 1880 and located in the southeast corner of West Broadway and B Street NW. The church built three structures on Broadway before building their sanctuary at West Main and E Street NW. -Courtesy of Greater Southwest Historical Museum

HAM Radio Talk

I’m still making contact with HAMs all over the world using my Echolink program on my PC. I try to make at least once contact each day. I’ve had the most interesting conversations on a variity of topics especially overseas and other cultuires.

236. 04/12/23 9:00pm KE8WPP Brian in Ohio

237. 04/12/23 9:30pm AB2GU Bruno in Long Island, NY

238. 04/15/23 8:10pm PU3ATU Luiz in Brazil

239. 04/16/23 4:20pm KQ4GWO William in Wake Forest, NC

240. 04/17/23 8:15pm VU2LWB Sudhanshu in India

241. 04/18/23 9:00pm KQ4GYT Dan in Newport, NC

242. 04/18/23 9:30pm W3PO Patrick in Luzon, Philippines

243. 04/22/23 5:00pm W9PMA Phil in Gas City, IN

244. 04/23/23 4:00pm IW2DCY Antonio in Italy

245. 04/24/23 2:45pm W4CI Dave in Florida

246. 04/25/23 3:15pm K5HUM Mike in New Orleans

247. 04/26/23 8:40pm KC3IYD Wendell in Lake City, PA

Submitted by Melinda Taylor:

The Daily Ardmoreite
Healdton NewsWheler Items

This community has been very unfortunate the past week from the fact that the school house in the west end of the district burned last Wednesday.  School was in session at the school house, but there was only about one gallon of water available and the teacher and pupils were obiliged to watch the building burn.

Note: I don’t know the name of the school but the schools in that district were: Wheeler, Sneed, Oil City, Roosevelt and I can’t find any following articles about rebuilding.

The Daily Ardmoreite
Plainview school house, four miles southwest of Ardmore, was destroyed by fire at 10 o’clock last night.  Only the walls were left standing. The building was a brick structure containing three rooms and an auditorium.  The furniture was also destroyed. The fire is believed to have been of incendiary origin. Six thousand dollars’ insurance was carried, but this sum will not sufficient to erect a similar building. School will be suspended until a temporary building can be constructed.

Below is from my Vol 4, Issue 158 April 29, 2000 newsletter:

Back in 1986 I bought my first XT computer (in 1982 I bought a Sinclair computer) we used a little program called PKZIP and PKUNZIP to compress or uncompress files. On April 22, 2000 the creator of PKZIP/PKUNZIP, Phillip Katz, died at age 37 in Wisconsin. His death was sad, given the circumstances surrounding his death. A brilliant man, a sad way to end life.

“Butch, in this weeks T&T there is a question about a “Camp” school. According to the “Journal of CARTER COUNTY SCHOOLS” 1923 -Page 297 Compiled and Published by Mrs Kate Galt Zaneis County Superintendent I find the following: District No. 60 Descriptive Boundary & Official Record of School District No. 60 Beginning at the West cen.line of Sec. 15, 2 South & 3 west, thence West, to Stephens County Line, thence North to West cen. line of Sec. 31, Thence East to the West cen. line of Sec. 34, thence South to West cen. line of section 15, point of beginning. School Board – J.P.Martin, Director G.W. Burnett, Clerk G.N. Timlinson, member.”

“Just a note to tell you that you and your readers are the greatest. I have had a couple of replies to my plea for help on finding descendents of Bryant Daniel, killed in the 1927 oil well fire in Sanford, TX. They contacted me within a few hours of your last issue of This & That arriving in my email. They have been most helpful and informative and of course most friendly. Kudos to you and your newsletter. I look forward to each issue.”

“Dear Butch: “This and That” is such a pleasure. My grandmother told me that when automobiles were very new, Dr. Walter Hardy owned the first one in Ardmore. She also told me about a contest that the Daily Ardmoreite had in which a Model T Ford was offered as a prize.”

If any of you happen by the courthouse here in Ardmore over the next week or so, they’ve tore out the walk on the west side in preparation (2000) for the coming Pavilion soon to be built. This is a pic of the area just tore out Monday.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” -Mae West

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Ardmore, OK