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Category: Year 2022

  • Vol 26 Issue 1,335 Sept 1, 2022

    A Glimpse Into The Past The Daily ArdmoreiteFebruary 16, 1903  Blizzard of Unusual Severity Rages Over The Land Rain, hail, sleet and snow with a biting cold wind holds high carnival, cattle suffer and business interrupted Following closely upon the cold rains of last week a blizzard of immense proportions has swooped across the country […]

  • Vol 26 Issue 1,334 August 25, 2022

    A GLIMPSE INTO THE PAST Just 40 miles south of Ardmore, across the Red River into Texas, is Gainesville, Texas. In 1880 my mother’s grandparents moved from Altoona, PA to Gainesville and that was our start in this area. Gainesville is the county seat for Cooke county. The Cooke county Courthouse has an original working […]

  • Vol 26 Issue 1,333 August 18, 2022

    The Daily Ardmoreite July 16, 1957 How now, atomic cow? The State Health Department has been asked to investigate reports from Bryan and Johnston county there’s some supercharged hay being consumed on the Swald Raggett ranch north of Kenefic. It all started when Lewis B. Leach took his scintillator to the ranch to test some […]

  • Vol 26 Issue 1,332 August 11, 2022

    The Daily ArdmoreiteJuly 16, 1957Carter County Polio Clinic Will Open Here WednesdayArdmore Civic auditorium will be the scene of a county wide polio clinic Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m.Salt vaccine polio shots will be given free to all persons under 20 years old and to expectant mothers. Adults will be charged […]

  • Vol 26 Issue 1,331 August 4, 2022

    A Glimpse Into The Past Sheriff Buck Garrett Chairman Committee On Transportation To Camp For the past 2 years sheriff Garrett has hired automobiles to transport the children to the farms at the mountain camp at Turner Falls. He is made chairman of the committee again this year and that means that there will be […]

  • Bells of Carter County, Oklahoma

    updated 9/06/21 09/06/21 Ardmoreite Bryan Balfour received a new truck to drive for work. Bryan has named it Purple Haze. This was near the end of August, and a week later he mounted an air operated bell behind the cab. Photo 1    Photo 2 Alarm bell at Mountain Lake NW of Ardmore.Photo 1 Mountain Lake BellPhoto […]

  • Vol 26 Issue 1,330 July 28, 2022

    The Ardmore Statesman August 14, 1919 Road to Gainesville The committee given charge of “claying” the heavy sand on the road between Thackerville and the Red River bridge has made a report to the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce announcing that the work is completed and that the troublesome stretch of road is now in good […]

  • Vol 26 Issue 1,329 July 21, 2022

    A Glimpse Into The Past The Ardmore Democrat February 11, 1960 Slot Machines Taken In Raid At Local Club A lightning raid by 3 State crime bureau agents and sheriff Gerald Theo Cobb resulted in six slot machines being confiscated yesterday at the Ardmore Elks Club. The slot machines were taken to the sheriff’s office […]

  • Vol 26 Issue 1,328 July 14, 2022

    The Davis ProgressiveDavis, OklahomaApril 25, 1895 Hidden Treasure At Cobb Springs Davis like all other towns has her excitements, and of late, many a sleepless night has been spent by a few hidden treasure enthusiast in their vain efforts to dig up an earthen jar containing $48,000 which was supposed to have been buried a […]

  • Vol 26 Issue 1,328 July 7, 2022

    The Ardmore Statesman December 4, 1909 A Nervy Chap Joseph E. Buchanan, a young boy of Durwood, just east of Ardmore, at the point where the Rock Island and Frisco lines diverge, is certianly a pluckly chap. He has just opened up a printing office in his hometown, and has installed and is operating his […]