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No More Employee Benefit


When I was CEO of IMTEC Corporation in Ardmore we had over 300 employees. We paid top wages and lots of benefits, but I wanted to offer something no other employer did: A fully paid college education. So, I designed the plan and explained it to all the employees in a group, plus individually. Here’s what I told them:“

To express my appreciation to all of you, IMTEC Corporation is going to send each and everyone of you to college. All you have to do is enroll. We’ll pay for everything, books, tuition, fees, everything. You can major in any subject you wish, all paid to express our appreciation to IMTEC employees.”

I still recall the lack of enthusiasm those in attendance expressed.

I then called each employee we had into my office and encouraged each one to take advantage of the offer, which I thought was outstanding. I won’t go into the excuses that I heard from each employee, but they were, in my opinion, foolhardy.

I’m sad to say that one employee took advantage of the benefit. ONE! He enrolled, went four years and graduated with honors. We paid for everything for him. Years later, the company was sold to 3M Corporation. The first decision of the buyer was to reverse my benefit; no more free education.
-james a clark