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Vol 20 Issue 1006 May 5, 2016

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With Mother’s day this coming Sunday, I thought I’d look up some history on the holiday

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Ardmore, Oklahoma 73402

email address:  butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net


Mother’s Day in the United States is an annual holiday celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Mother’s Day recognizes mothers, motherhood, and maternal bonds in general, as well as the positive contributions that they make to society. Although many Mother’s Day celebrations worldwide have quite different origins and traditions, most have now been influenced by the more recent American tradition established by Anna Jarvis, who campaigned for the holiday. Organized by Jarvis, the first official Mother’s Day was celebrated at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia, which now holds the International Mother’s Day Shrine. -Wikipedia.

As mentioned above, the first Mother’s Day in the U.S. took place in Grafton, West Virginia in 1908 but not without opposition. In 1909 several senators mocked the very idea of a Mother?s Day holiday. Senator Henry Moore Teller (D-CO) scorned the resolution as “puerile,” “absolutely absurd,” and “trifling.” He announced, “Every day with me is a mother’s day.” Senator Jacob Gallinger (R-NH) judged the very idea of Mother’s Day to be an insult, as though his memory of his late mother “could only be kept green by some outward demonstration on Sunday, May 10.”

In later years, Anna Jarvis the originator of Mother’s Day, tried to abolish Mother’s Day because she thought it was taken over by commercialization. She referred to the florists, greeting card manufacturers and the confectionery industry as ?charlatans, bandits, pirates, racketeers, kidnappers and termites that would undermine with their greed one of the finest, noblest and truest movements and celebrations.?

As we all know the national holiday prevailed and we have celebrated it every year for over 100 years. My mother passed away in January 1990, and I miss her more with each passing year. She was the best mother I could ever want for, and she loved me to her last breath at Ardmore’s Memorial Hospital in 1990. If your mother is still alive, celebrate it with her on Sunday. If she has passed away, celebrate her life in some way as your mother. I will be going to the cemetery in Ardmore to place flowers on my mother’s grave.

Here is a photo of my mother, Louise Carmon Bridges, that was taken about 1930 before color prints. It was colorized with color paint by artists of those days of black and white photos who specialized in the technique.


Here is the original B&W photo of my mother.


April 1963

Davis voters, by an overwhelming margin, approved the leasing of historic Turner Falls for the next 50 years. The city will realize $2,117,500 over the period. Max Sulcer of West Memphis, Arkansas, and Bob Howell submitted the winning bid. By accepting the lease, the city authorized a number of improvements at the famous park including a $500,000 to $1,000,000 luxury lodge, a 9-hole golf course, museum, fish hatchery and several other items. The bid calls for payment of $7,500 for the first year, then an additional $2,500 each year until the 18th year.

This coming Saturday, May 7th, from 10am to 2pm at the Ardmore Depot Park is the 6th annual Touch-A-Truck event for Ardmore. There is going to be a lot to see and do.  Kids are going to have a blast!


This are maybe 2 or 3 still working payphones in Carter County. This one is located at the Ardmore Municipal Airport at Gene Autry, Oklahoma. The phone requires either 1 dime or 2 nickels to make a call.


The Boy Scouts are having an auction May 14th and is needing items to place in the auction. The auction will be held at the BSA Headquarters on Highway 142 by the Ardmore Middle School. Now is the time to get rid of those items you’ve been saving, but will never use, and put them to a good use in the May 14th auction. Proceeds benefit scout programs.



KFOR TV out of OKC was in Ardmore this afternoon. I won’t say yet what’s it’s all about until after Galen Culver’s segment Is This A Great State Or What airs on the KFOR TV station.

I been busy the past week sandblasting pavers and flagstone.  But I also had a request to sandblast (etch) a couple names on stainless steel Yeti mugs.  I had never done one but it turned out nice.


A few pavers I sandblasted the past few days.






You can find current gas prices for a particular Oklahoma town by entering the name or zip code in the GasBuddy search box.


The hot summer is just around the corner. 60% or more of your electric bill can be attributed to the air conditioner running day and night to keep your house cool. The Okie Power Saver takes difference of the watts you are being billed for, and what you are actually using, and recycles those watts. The Okie Power Saver is a great way to reduce that electric bill and save money year round. Plus it’s a full house surge protector!


Q.  The Philbrook Museum is a world-class art museum. The expansive grounds contain elaborate gardens inspired by Villa Lante, an Italian country estate north of Rome designed by Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola in 1566. The gardens are the perfect setting for an enchanting walk. Where in Oklahoma is the Philbrook Museum located?
A.   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Q.  There is a small town in Oklahoma where one enormous must-see is at the edge of town. It is a huge, rather gaudy Okie-style castle house that appears through the trees like a sight from a Disney movie. The owner had been building on the house for decades, just a piece at a time, a room at a time. The house has towers with turrets that can actually be accessed from the inside at the gate and a huge parking lot. Where is this huge “castle” located in Oklahoma?
A.  (answer in next week’s T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of May 4, 2002:

“Butch: Thanks for the nice comment on the Randol Hotel marker. It was purchased and set by the walking tour committee of the Ardmore Historic Preservation Board in anticipation of the Downtown Walking Tour which will begin a little later in the spring. This self-guided tour will include 32 historic sites beginning at the depot and going west to Central Park, then turning back east to end up at the depot again. Individual digital players will explain the points of interest and tour booklets with early day photographs will give additional explanation of the historic sites. There will be no charge for the tour.”
“Dear Butch, I wonder if you know where I could look for some info. When I was on the net last night I found an article about a Whit Moss being murdered at the residence of H.H. McLain, someone had fired into his home, and Ross worked for him. I was interested in H.H., it said he was a. National Permit Collector for the Chickasaw Nation, what is that? The date was Dec 1, 1894.”
“The food warehouse south of train station was Tyler & Simpson Co. And before that it was Ozmond Wholesale. Ozmond Wholesale had a warehouse in Oklahoma City were Bricktown is now by the tracks. I worked with Mr. Ozmond for about five years.”
“Butch, My wife, Jackie Rogers Uhles is descended from the Randol Family. Her Great grandfather, James Merritt Randol, was a brother of the Robert William Randol who owned and operated the Randol Hotel. Family lore is that Robert also owned a mercantile store (In the building with the Hotel?) and that Merritt worked in this store until he moved with his family to Mannsville in 1901. The Randol’s came to Indian Territory to the vicinity of the present town of Ardmore about 1890 from Dexter, Cook Co. Texas after their father, Maston Crawford Randol died. Maston owned land north of Dexter near the Red River. Jackie has a coupled of nice photo of Robert and his wife if you are interested. A grandson of Robert Randol, Charles Robert Milner, is still living in Ardmore. Charles Robert Milner is the son of Roberts Randol’s daughter, Ruth and her husband, Charles A. Milner Jr. Robert Milner has a Menu from the Randol Hotel. This menu lists the Bill of fare and the prices. (Very Interesting) Jackie has a coupled of nice photo of Robert and his wife if you are interested. Keep up the good work. I can always find something interesting in your T&T.” -Bill Uhles, Sulphur
“Hi Butch, I thought I would share this with you. I had a badly cracked bell that would not ring and John Allen (at Consolidated Castings Co in Florida) recast it for me. He used the old bell as a pattern and set up a mold and melted the cracked bell and repoured it. Its like the same bell but no crack.”
“Just a couple of memories from recent items in T&T- Tommy Anastasio also worked for E-Z Way food stores for a time, and regarding Broadlawn, I formerly owned and operated a small store called “Church Music and Supply” at #30 address there, and did a radio program from KMAD in Madill, called “Music with a message” for a few months. Both ventures, the store and the radio, were exciting to me. I also did my own commercials for Hill Top Grocery in Ardmore for a time, coached by Bill Lauderdale, the announcer for KVSO at that time. What a bunch of varied memories!” -Bob Farrington

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“Hi Butch, I was reading your history blog on the Internet. There is a story about rodeo clown Homer Harris and his trick mule. Homer lived with us one winter. It was an Appaloosa mule named Bob. Homer was still clowning into the 1960’s.” -Marty Haley

Maize, her little John Deere tractor and a steer named Boy in Marietta, Oklahoma

“Butch: When I wrote you asking for help in finding an old photo showing the metal step cover for the old Indian Territory jail. I could not remember the date of the fire, so I pulled up some misinformation on the web that said it was in 1898. Your old buddy, Tom Miller, my brother, said the date was 1895. If I had gone to your site I would have known. Of course at the time that may not have helped. At any rate, the fog has cleared, and I will attempt another stab at my story about the metal step cover.: The part about how and where our pappy lucked onto the historical find was correct. I had the metal composition wrong – it was not made of brass or bronze, but rather cast iron. This would have meant that it was made in one of the foundries located within a 100 mile radius of Ardmore. This would have been a foundry that may have made water meter covers for Ardmore. The step cover would have been at the entrance to the old jail. The date, 1898, was the only markings on the step, and this was in large embossed lettering. There has to be a photo out there somewhere, more than likely at the dedication, of the old I.T. step showing the metal cover with the 1898 date. Please let me know of paths that I should take in trying to locate an old photo. Please ask for help from your “flock” – somebody may have seen just what we are looking for. Thanks for any and all help!!!! Look forward to hearing from you.” -Steve

“Folks this just shows that all of the massive windmills are not hurting the picture taking. These were taken all over the mountains without any problem.” -Doug Williams

“Butch; I found something on E-bay that might be of interest to you. It is a listing for two Dog and Suds mugs and an unused hot dog wrapper. I remember visiting Dog and Suds when I would drive to Ardmore from Durant. At one time I had a Dog and Suds mug that mysteriously jumped into my car as I was driving away. I don’t know what happened to it but it probably escaped from my house several years later.” -Gerald in Glenpool, Oklahoma



Artesian Arts Festival
Memorial Day Weekend fun in Sulphur, OK
Get to Sulphur on May 28 for the third annual Artesian Arts Festival! The streets of downtown Sulphur will be transformed into a hotspot for art, music, food and fun!
For more info….. CLICK HERE

Butch, as a long time reader of your great newsletter, I’m aware that odd things can also be reported on. I have just published a collection of stories about early-day killings in Lincoln County. Below I’ve linked the publisher, but it’s also available on Amazon.

Wayne Pounds

Link and blurb:
For you Lincoln County history buffs out there, have a look at Wayne Pounds’s new book, non-fiction narratives based on old newspaper archives & photos:

Springer Volunteer Fire Department B.B.Q. ? Saturday – May 14, 2016 ? 6:00 PM. Come join us at the Springer Community/Storm Shelter for the annual Springer Volunteer Fire Department B.B.Q.  There will be a dance and music along with an auction so bring your lawn chairs, sit back and enjoy the food, music and auction!

Madill school reunion  (alumni Banquet) will be at the Madill High School Gym and cafeteria this year.  May7th beginning at 5:00 P.M.  The gym will be open for visiting prior to the banquet.

“Butch: I really enjoy reading these posts about old Ardmore and the area. Back in the mid fifties while I was attending Ardmore High I worked nights and on weekends at most of the theaters in town. I was a projectionist at the Tivoli, the Ritz (later the Park) the Skyview drive in, 77 North Drive in, and the Starlite drive in. The theaters were owned by Criterion Theaters out of Oklahoma City and their flagship theater was The Criterion in down town Oklahoma City near the Skirvin Hotel. I would certainly love to see some old photos of the theaters if anybody still has access to any.  I never worked there, but I also remember The Globe theater on East Main that was owned by Hershel Gilliam at the time. Myself and lots of kids used to tape his campaign posters to our bicycles every time he ran for Sheriff. All during the campaign he would let us in the movie free as we pedaled his name all over town. Thanks.” -Jim Guess

“Butch, I have found this free computer cleaning program called PrivaZer to be very good.” -Scott

“M” is for the million things she gave me,
“O” means only that she’s growing old,
“T” is for the tears she shed to save me,
“H” is for her heart of purest gold;
“E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
“R” means right, and right she’ll always be,
Put them all together, they spell “MOTHER,”
A word that means the world to me.
-Howard Johnson

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Nashobish Ikana
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Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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