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Vol 20 Issue 1007 May 19, 2016

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In February 2009 I was at Mt Olivet Cemetery in Hugo, Oklahoma. In that cemetery is a section

A few pavers I sandblasted the past few days.





You can find current gas prices for a particular Oklahoma town by entering the name or zip code in the GasBuddy search box.


Q.  Where in Oklahoma is the American Banjo Museum?
A.   Oklahoma City

A.  (answer in next week’s T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of May 11, 2002:

“Hi Butch, Enjoy your T&T letters! Hearing about Cooper and Colvert Dairies takes me back to when we were kids and rode our bikes to both places for free ice cream cones at the back doors. Think it was Colvert’s that delivered our milk by milk wagon, and I would enjoy watching that old horse that knew just when to stop as Clyde Green would step off to leave our milk in those old bottles with cardboard caps with small tabs on top, along with chocolate milk, butter, etc. The word homogenized had not yet been invented, so the top third of the milk bottle was cream that was good for coffee or we thought mixing and drinking and making the milk ‘richer.’ I think the day Clyde and family struck oil in East Texas was the day he stepped off of that milk wagon for the last time. His son, Don, lives in Tennessee now with his family. Dr. Johnson, I knew quite well when I was a boy and for a time we lived near Lake Murray and Dr. Johnson would take livestock for his fees as money was not as readily available those days, and once took several goats and brought them to us to keep for him. We kept those goats on our place, and my cousin, Benny Frank Oliphant, taught them to climb up ladders leaning against trees, but he didn’t teach them how to get down so many mornings we’d get up and see goats sitting stranded in the trees. Was rather amusing to me.” -Bob Taylor
“Butch- We have an old school bell mounted on a pole at our Cimarron County Heritage Museum here. The pole is short and kids are able to ring the bell with a rope. Also, the United Methodist Church has a bell.”
Note: If anyone is ever in Boise City, Oklahoma try to get me a pic of the bell at the Methodist Church there in Boise City. I still do not have a photo of that bell.  -Butch
“Butch, for the person looking for the birth certificate of a person born in Indian Territory. Tell him that he can use a death certificate instead. My grandfather was born Sept 3, 1876 in Mannsville, I.T. But I used her obit and the funeral home still had her in the old funeral home book, so got the numbers of it and took a a picture of her grave. I proved it.” -Minnie Lou Watson Whittington
“Hi Butch: I have checked the available records and believe that I was the only glider pilot in WWII from Ardmore or Carter County. There were one or two glider pilots who were stationed at the air base there, married Ardmore girls and later lived there after the war. In fact, one of them, Earl Davis, still lives in Ardmore. My AHS Class of 1942 will be having our 60th year reunion on October 5th and early indications are that we will have a good turnout considering our ages and the way we have been scattered about the US since ’42. Thanks so much for your weekly letter, it really means a lot to those of us who grew up there and have so many happy memories that you sometimes recall.” -Sincerely, J.D. (Don) White

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

“Hi Butch, My Dad’s gun shop on South Commerce @ Myall — Recent T&T clients seeking old photos sent me down memory lane for mine —- Old timers with ’50s & ’60s memory probably recall . On its upper right is seen the wheel of a cannon on the roof. I’m wondering if anyone has a photo they would share showing the whole cannon.Actually it was a ‘construct’ we made using an old wagon axle & the cannon barrel we had made at Jinks Berryhill’s tin shop on Mill Street & Hinkle. He rolled us a piece of tin carefully with proper taper to it & circles that resembled a real cannon barrel. The whole thing painted with creosote paint looked convincing enuf people took pictures of it, but sadly not me.” -Bob McCrory

Butch, as one who has worked around livestock all my life, I just cringed when I saw the video of Maize and her steer. I know it is cute and he may be a pet and acts like a dog 99% of the time, but he is still an animal, big enough to really hurt a little girl. It appeared his lead rope was tied to her little tractor. If for some reason he got spooked, he could drag little Maize and her tractor anywhere he wanted to go. I have heard of numerous instances of 4-H or FFA kids being knocked down or hurt by their show animals. I hate to kill a feel good buzz, but I hope people realize the dangers also.

“Love the pic of your Mom in last week’s edition. A bit of history for you about Max Sulcer who won the Turner Falls bid, he was a crook. Three of my friends and me worked for him painting and cutting grass at the old Drive Inn in Davis. 54 hours of continuous work and we had to get the Davis City Marshall (Lon Stewart) involved in order to get paid. I was our spokesperson for the group, he broke the pinky finger on my right hand but I didn’t press charges since he paid us on the spot.” -Ralph

“These are of Lake Altus to the Great Plains park and the Wichita Mountains. We have such a beautiful state to enjoy.” -Doug Williams

Artesian Arts Festival
Memorial Day Weekend fun in Sulphur, OK
Get to Sulphur on May 28 for the third annual Artesian Arts Festival! The streets of downtown Sulphur will be transformed into a hotspot for art, music, food and fun!
For more info….. CLICK HERE

Springer Volunteer Fire Department BBQ. ? Saturday – May 14, 2016 ? 6:00 PM. Come join us at the Springer Community/Storm Shelter for the annual Springer Volunteer Fire Department B.B.Q.  There will be a dance and music along with an auction so bring your lawn chairs, sit back and enjoy the food, music and auction!

Here are 3 scans of old postcards from Ardmore, Oklahoma. -Robert Hensley

First National Bank of Ardmore


Ardmore Oil Mill and Cotton Yards


Stonewood Courts


“Tossing his hat into the ring” — On May 8, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson attended a performance of “The Greatest Show On Earth” in Washington, D.C. When the band played “Hail to the Chief,” he stood up, doffed his hat and sailed it into the center ring. The reporters present interpreted this “tossing his hat into the ring” as an indication that he would run for re-election, which indeed he did.

“Get the show on the road” — The impatient circus boss would use these words to mean “let’s get going.” He was referring to the necessity of moving the show from one town to the next in order to keep up with the tight schedule of bookings.

Carson and Barns Circus in Hugo, Oklahoma


See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

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Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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