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Vol 20 Issue 1008 May 19, 2016

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On the north side of the Carter County Courthouse is Hinkle Street. I guess in recent times the name Hinkle Street was made a household name because the Sheriffs Office was located at 106 Hinkle in the north end of the Annex Building. Sheriff offices where downstairs and the county jail was upstairs on the second floor until 1990 when the jail was moved to the new present day facility one block to the east at 100 South Washington.

Hinkle Street was named after Ardmoreite John Homer Hinkle, a prominent businessman during the very beginnings of Ardmore. John Homer was born December 26, 1877 in Morrillton, Arkansas. His parents were Federal Judge John Homer and Mary (Morgan) Hinkle of Ardmore, and his sister was Hattye Hinkle Chandler. J. Homer attended Cole Military School in Dallas. He helped build cotton compresses in Oklahoma City, Ardmore, and Pauls Valley. For a time, he was in the land business in Ardmore, then later establishing a fire insurance business. He was one of the organizers of the Coline Oil Company and was associated with other oil companies. He was vice President of the Chickasaw Lumber Company and owned much property on Main Street in Ardmore. In 1911 he married Agness Segar, and they had two children, Homer and Beth. The Hinkles lived many years in Ardmore, died here, and are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery. -From the publication Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers

Family photo of Judge Hinkle, his wife, and two children, J. Homer and Hattye.


Photo of Ardmore businessman J. Homer Hinkle


Hinkle Street in Ardmore is probably thought by many people to be only an alley. But it is an actual city street and runs about 4 blocks from “A” Street SE to “B” Street SW just south Main Street. Here are two pics I took, the first one looking west on Hinkle, the second picture looking east from B SW.



February 17, 1946 – Ardmore to install parking meters

A Reader sent me an old photo of the “rock house” at Lake Murray.  Anyone know where this was located?


I met Foxnews out of OKC last Friday at Magnetic Hill NW of Springer, Oklahoma to show them our local attraction like none other in the U.S.  When we left that spot we went on north, then took a right on Vermont Road to snap a picture of the CarTree. By looking at that tree I’d say it’s been like that for at least 20 years.



Below is a short newscast by KXII on the 50 year reunion at the Museum April 22nd.


A few pavers I sandblasted the past few days.




This is a couple of pavers I made and sandblasted a tulip on each one. I had never sandblasted a tulip and it turned out beautiful. Maybe one of the best I’ve done the past 3 years.


Two weeks ago I talked about the program PrivaZer, a computer cleaner program that claims to remove junk from the computer. I have tested it twice and it does remove junk that my CCleaner did not remove. I’ve used CCleaner for quite a few years and been very happy with it. I even use the cell phone app version of CCleaner on my cell phone to keep it clean from junk build-up. Never had an issue with it, works flawlessly year after year.

But PrivaZer has worked great so far, and removed unneeded junk from my hard drive. (If you have a Solid State Drive there may be some issues worth further research before using). My plan now is to use PrivaZer a couple times a month since it takes about 2 hours to run, whereas my CCleaner only takes a few minutes to complete. Bottom line: PrivaZer seems to work fine on my computer.



You can find current gas prices for a particular Oklahoma town by entering the name or zip code in the GasBuddy search box.


Temps sure have cooled the past few days, but you know the hot summer temps will be back. And you know what that means, A/C running and higher electric bills. 60% or more of your electric bill can be attributed to the air conditioner running day and night to keep your house cool. The Okie Power Saver is a great way to reduce that electric bill and save money year round. Plus it’s a full house surge protector and with Spring storms here, it’s important to do every thing you can to protect your electrical equipment.


Q.  Where in Oklahoma is the American Banjo Museum?
A.   Oklahoma City

Q.  There is only one place in the U.S. where you’ll find iodine. Where in Oklahoma?
A.  (answer in next week’s T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of May 18, 2002:

“Hi Butch, the old milk bottles with the cream on top were really good. In the morning you could pour without shaking it up and pour it over you Post Toasties. They didn’t get soggy before you could eat them. Now I very seldom eat cereals because the 2 or even 1% milk just doesn’t cut it. I understand Bob Taylor’s memories.”
Butch: re: the question about the birth certificate of American Indians. I found mine at the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington, D.C. when I had to have one before working for Southwestern Bell.”
“Here is a photo taken around 1915, this is my best guess, of the Mary Niblack School SE of Ardmore.”

Healdton, Oklahoma recently set a monument in memory of Healdton’s war veterans. This is a pic I took of the granite monument when it was laying on the ground at Wilson Monuments in Lone Grove. The monument was made possible by Buck Cantwell and Elaine Scott.


Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..

“We had a visitor two days ago at dinner time. In fact, it was the first time we’ve seen a griz at the house. He stood six feet tall standing on his hind legs. Judging by his nails, I’m guessing he’s a member of a Yellowstone tire slashers’ club. He was a young bear, probably 4 or 5 years old.” -Monroe

“Hi Butch; Have you ever been to Boggy Depot? We camped there a few times and visited the cemetery. Interesting history. Dates to before the civil war.” -Jim Foreman

Artesian Arts Festival
Memorial Day Weekend fun in Sulphur, OK
Get to Sulphur on May 28 for the third annual Artesian Arts Festival! The streets of downtown Sulphur will be transformed into a hotspot for art, music, food and fun!
For more info….. CLICK HERE

OK Dickson 1966 classmates, I am sending this message out and would ask each of you to forward to any other classmate you may have! Also ask them to send me an email so I can capture it and put it on my group mail! Hard to believe it has already been 50 years! I am also sending this to a few people that may be able to help us locate other classmates so if you are getting this that is why. Please note my email address is mikey403@msn.com!” -Mike Pennington

I would like to thank Kathy Parks Hudson, and Gary Scott for helping bring us back together! Please let us know if you can make it so they will have a headcount!I talked to Gary Don Scott last night, they have set the Alumni banquet for Saturday, June 18, 2016 from 2:00 pm. -5:00 pm in the old Springdale School on Springdale Road. They will have a special table set up for class of 1966, 50th reunion. Will have refreshments, and will be taking donations. Please let all know, I will let ones know that I see here in Ardmore.

Here are 3 scans of old postcards from Ardmore, Oklahoma. -Robert Hensley

Photo of Ardmore Hotel at West Main and C Street.


This is a photo of the old 700 Ranch Cabin when it was located near G and 3rd Street SE. It is now located across the street from the entrance of the Greater Southwest Historical Museum.


Below is a photo of the Ardmore’s old Bloomfield Seminary which was renamed Carter Seminary in 1934.



Recorded by Betty Carroll January 25, 1987: “Once Upon A Time…. Reverend John H. Carr, a Methodist missionary found a patch of land 15 miles south of Durant in 1852 he thought would be an excellent location for an academy specifically for Indian students. He set up his tent in a grove surrounded by prairie grasses interwoven with colorful wild flowers. This inspired him to name the new school that would begin under the sponsorship of the Methodist Mission Conference and in conjunction with the leaders of the Chickasaw Nation Bloomfield Academy. It was
renamed Carter Seminary in 1934 as a tribute to Charles D. Carter of Chickasaw and Choctaw descent, who represented the 4th District in Congress from 1907 to 1926. The school eventually relocated in the NW section of Ardmore when the federal government purchased the old Hargrove College in 1916 for the Chickasaw Indians. Carter Seminary was established and funded by the federal government to partially fulfill the treaty obligations of the United States to the Indian people. In 1952 the Bureau of Indian Affairs decided to make Carter Seminary a home-living community and to send the students to public schools.”

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. -Oscar Wilde

See everyone next week!

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