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Vol 20 Issue 1028 October 6, 2016

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A Glimpse Into the Past

The Daily Ardmoreite
Ardmore, Oklahoma
Tuesday, September 19, 1917
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Adams of Legate, Oklahoma, uncle and aunt of Miss Beulah Crabtree, who was killed at Pauls Valley last week, when she fell from a parachute, passed through Ardmore yesterday en route to Sherman, Texas where the body was taken for burial. Miss Crabtree is said to have lost her hold on the parachute and fallen 200 feet after she had made a balloon ascension at a carnival being held at Pauls Valley. She was considered one of the best aeronauts in this country. She was related to John T. Spears and V.C. Adams of Ardmore.

August 1956
Charles King, who works for Colvert Dairy, lives 3.5 miles north of Lone Grove. His wife, Dovie, was doing the wash at Jess Hickman’s Home Laundry, assisted by her youngsters, Herman and Debra, and her cousin needed Clifton.

August 1963
Carter County?s 3 highway patrolmen, Leland Koch, Calvin Duncan, and Don Henley wound up their annual inspection of county school buses. Duncan said burned out stop lights caused most of the 15 buses to fail the test. The buses transport a total of 1,597 Lone Grove children daily. B. J. Potts of Lone Grove has been driving school buses for 22 years.

August 1988
Roger Owens and his son, Scott, have opened a new shoe repair shop in Lone Grove, across from Bowlarama.

One of the bricks I sandblasted this week.


You can find current gas prices for a particular Oklahoma town by entering the name or zip code in the GasBuddy search box.


Q.  How many lakes in Oklahoma?
A. Oklahoma has the largest number of lakes created by dams of any state in the United States, with more than 200.

The only natural lakes in Oklahoma are a series of oxbow and playa lakes. The typically crescent-shaped oxbow lakes are found in abandoned channels (oxbows) of a meandering stream and occur mainly on flood plains of the major rivers, such as the Red, Arkansas, Washita, North Canadian, and Verdigris rivers in eastern and central Oklahoma. Oklahoma has many oxbow lakes, but sixty-two of them cover at least ten acres, and the largest, near the Red River in McCurtain County, is 272 acres.

Playa lakes form in shallow, saucer-like depressions scattered across the semiarid High Plains region of northwestern Oklahoma and the Panhandle. These water bodies are characterized by internal drainage and have no outflow. They hold water during and after rainy seasons, and most of the water is lost through evaporation and/or seepage into the ground. Only a few playa lakes last year-round, but the intermittent or ephemeral playa lakes number about six hundred and appear following thunderstorms.

Q.  Where is the #1 rated most beautiful river in Oklahoma located?
A.  (answer in next week’s T&T)

From This and That newsletter archives of October 5, 2002:

Here is a rare 1890 photo of a Chickasaw Nation Indian Policeman taken at Duncan, Oklahoma. His name was Toi-tah-ner-ew. His badge read,

I had the pleasure of meeting Ardmoreite Marvin Lewis this week. He is a local artist and travels around the country to Indian Pow Wows. Marvin sells his paintings as he travels and meets people. After talking to him a few minutes, I could tell we both had one thing in common, the love of history! Marvin was reluctant, ain’t we all, to send me his photo, but he finally did. Here’s a pic of local artist Marvin Lewis.
And here is a pic one of Marvin’s paintings.

Marvin Lewis obituary
CLICK HERE—————————————————-
A Reader told me this week about a bubbling spring that in the 40s was behind a house in my stomping grounds on 3rd NE. I told about the spring that used to be behind my grandfather Carmon’s lumber yard. But I don’t remember the spring that was behind Annie Grider’s house in the southwest corner of 3rd and M Street Northeast. The Reader said it bubbled up out of the ground a few hundred feet south-southwest of Annie Grider’s home. This would have been out in the wooded area northwest of Cardinal Ball Park.
I know a lot of us do much of our communicating through emails. But sometimes its really nice to just get a good old fashioned phone call with a voice on the other end. That happened to me this week when local long time Carter county resident Jimy Brady Rose gave me a call. She just wanted to say hello and tell about the delightful snailmails she had received from all over the country (she does not have a computer) concerning our T&T and mentions of her. Some of her friends who knew Jimy did not have a computer, printed out the T&Ts and mailed them to her. I could have picked her wealth of local historical knowledge but decided we’d be on the phone for hours. I did ask Jimy about the history of the bell that was out on their ranch north of Ardmore that we spoke about in the last issue. She said her grandparents brought the bell with them from Texas in 1892 when they came to Indian Territory and settled near Pooleville. So it has been in her family for over 100 years. Here’s a pic I took of that bell in case some of you missed it!
Last week in the Mailbag a Reader told about a relative possibly being in the McGinnis Book Of World Records. This Ardmoreite’s name was William McDougal and the record was suppose to have been set around 1925. I called the McGinnis World Record office in London, England yesterday and asked them to check their database for such a person. Come to find out “the book” did not exist before 1953, so Mr. McDougal of Ardmore may have set some kind of record but it would not be in the McGinnis World Book of Records. But I did enjoy talking to those Britons. There was one part of the conversation that I didn’t understand immediately when he said “McDougal was not in the boot”. Several times I thought he used the word “boot” and that is what the English call the trunk of their automobiles. But after a minute or two, I figured out he was saying “book”. And then when I mention something about their accent in England, they tell me it is me who has the accent. ha!. Talk about an accent, I’ve been told the Cockney dialect in the London area and on south, is almost impossible to understand them!
“Butch, this picture is the sixth grade graduation at Healdton Sunset Elementary School in 1948. Teachers of the two sixth grade classes were Mary Barker and Mary Frost. Several of us have gotten out heads together and identified all but three of the students in this picture. This class graduated from high school in 1954 and a 50th anniversary reunion already is being planned for June 2004. We are trying to locate as many of our classmates as possible — not just those who graduated from Healdton, but all who attended school with us through the years. A group of us has been working on this for several months and have had some success, but many are still “missing.” Anyone with information on this group may e-mail me at suzee54@brightok.net Thanks for you help.” -Sue Hess Miller
“Little known fact in Ardmore, my marriage to Mary Jean Sprekelmeyer on June 28th 1952 was the first Nuptial Mass performed in the new St Mary’s church. The celebrant was Father Alexander Andrews and the alter boy was a young Bernard Jewitt, the son of Father Andrews sister Kitty Jewitt. He is and has been a priest in Oklahoma City for quite a few years. John Sprekelmeyer, my deceased wife’s Uncle was a heating and air conditioning contractor in Fort Worth, he air conditioned the first office building in Texas. At the time St Mary’s was being built in the Spring of 1952 John offered to put in the heating and air conditioning units at no cost to the parish, but as I understand it, the church board turned him down. I find this story incredible. But the family say’s its true.”
“Dear Butch, My Grandfather W. H. Ivie also called “Bud” was a traveling Veterinarian around Carter, Garvin, Stephens, and other counties. I recently talked with his late brother’s 99 year old wife and his 70 something daughter in Wilson and they said my Grandfather died at their home in Wilson about 1941 or 1942. They said he is buried in Love county. After this long lead in I wanted to know if there might be death records in Carter county or should I write the state? I plan on traveling out there in the next month or two to visit those ladies before it’s too late. Thanks for all you do!” -Wade Durham (Grew up in Sulphur 1944 model)

Some mail from this week’s MAILBAG…..“Mr. Bridges, A man at the museum in Ardmore directed me to you. My father used to be the band director at Ardmore High School in the late 80s and early 90s. I’m looking for a nice picture of Walker Stadium, preferably without a lot of hustle and bustle going on. I have pictures of it with the football team on the field, and with the band on the field, but I’d really just like a nice picture of the empty stadium, if such a photo even exists. Is there any way of your Readers that could help me with that?” -Nathan Marks nathanvaughanmarks@gmail.com

Butch: This is my reply to Rick in last week’s T&T – You’re obviously young. I’m old. Times prior to WW II were harsh, very harsh. Most people worked from sun up to sun down just to exist. There was little or no time for life’s pleasures thus not much to smile about. I’m a child of the Great Depression. Look at photos of children during those years. Look into those eyes and you’ll understand. ~ Don Davidson, Brenham, Texas

Butch, in the last This and That newsletter you mentioned about Discover Card wanting your information, Well as of this morning I have gotten one call from Discover stating that I had over charged $2215.00 and demanding money, I have never had a Discover Card, Also have gotten many calls from Rachael from Card Services wanting to lower my interest rate on my Credit Cards, also have got 2 calls in the last few weeks from the IRS (one from Ogden, Utah and one this morning from Rogers, Arkansas) the IRS caller had a heavy Middle East Accent. People need to be fore warned of the many, many scams going around. Thanks for the This and That Newsletter.
Ken Kemp
Whitesboro, Texas

Food and Resource Center of South Central Oklahoma
801 Hailey Street SE
Ardmore, OK

At the link below are 10 more scans of old photographs this week. -Robert Hensley


One of the photos is a W. O. Harris taken at Devils den.


And another photo is of Ida Scales Chandler. She was mentioned in a newsletter back in May 2006.

The Daily Ardmoreite, July 27, 1947 – More old timers are the N.A. CARDWELL family, who came to the Indian Territory in 1887. They came from Wise county, TX, near Greenwood, to Gainesville, in a covered wagon, then on to Ardmore on a freight train, riding in the caboose. The oldest boy drove the wagon on to Ardmore. On the same train with the Cardwells was the late Mrs. IDA SCALES CHANDLER and her family. The Cardwells settled one and one-half miles west of town, near the old SHUMAN florist. The family has lived in and near Ardmore practically ever since. One daughter, Mrs. JOHN W. BOUCHER, lived in Clovis, NM two years, and another daughter Mrs. OSCAR WHITEHURST, lived in FL two years. Mrs. JOHN GRIFFIS and family live three miles northeast of town, and one son, TOM, lives three miles west of town. The other son and daughter live in Ardmore. They get together once a year and talk over old times. MRS. LELAND JONES, Lone Grove


Our new publication A Tribute to Wilson’s Korea-Vietnam Era Veterans is in the final stages of publication, with a target date of our first books being shipped by January 2017. This publication is a hard cover book with over 600 pages and includes biographies and pictures of the veterans along with newspaper articles from the Wilson Post during the years 1950 – 1975 that pertain to the soldiers. If anyone would like to preorder this book please go to the Wilson Historical Museum website and print the order form, fill it out and mail your check to:

Wilson Museum. 1270 8th St. Wilson.
$50.00  cost of book
   $4.25  8 1/2% tax

$7.00 shipping or you can pick it up at the Wilson Historical Museum.

For more info contact Mindy Taylor at mindyltaylor@att.net


30 days has September,
April, June and November,
All the rest have 31,
Except February has 28

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
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